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Imangi Studios
Gabriela Haynes
Gabriela Haynes
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Simple, enjoyable, and addictive

Temple Run for iOS is a fascinating game in the runner genre that invites you to plunge into the world of ancient civilizations. Take on the role of an archaeologist who stole a statue of an idol in the Mayan ruins. What dangers can stop you? There are many of them because you have to go through different locations, from the mighty pyramids to the swampy trails. The old gods are angry, and your task is to escape their wrath. We will tell you what this game is and what its features are.

What is this game?

Temple Run for iOS is a famous endless runner with intuitive controls (run to survive). You have stolen an ancient relic on an island, and now the entire environment is angry with you. Besides, a vast avalanche of rocks is moving behind you. All you have to do is run as fast and as far as possible. One of your primary problems is that your entire path is very winding and full of dangers, from angry "locals" to huge chasms. The fall into them leads to your quick death.


The story is trivial: a treasure hunter finds an adventure on his head. While exploring the Aztec ruins, the protagonist accidentally stumbled upon a sacred idol. Of course, greed takes over, and the adventurer steals the holy icon. The custodians of the sacred place rush after the tomb raider to rescue their stolen goods. They have little interest in the thief's life, so the adventurer has no choice but to run to save his life!


You have to jump, dodge, and turn when necessary, but just one awkward move can lead to death. You will see a lot of coins on your way. Try to take them to buy improvements to your character later. Make your character go as far and as long as possible. The game has simple and intuitive controls: you must swipe in the right direction at the right moment.

Game features

  • Highly dynamic: the pace of the gameplay is mesmerizing and makes you feel nervous. Despite its speed, it evokes only positive emotions;

  • Race points: rushing headlong through the ruins of a defunct civilization while collecting coins that turn into points. The better you play, the higher the results are on the scoreboard, and you can post them on your public networks;

  • The presence of animated inserts: the game has a story. After each level, the player can watch a video about how the main character gets more and more ancient values;

  • Convenient controls: the developers made the power extremely responsive. You can feel the emotions of your hero, experiencing every dangerous situation together with him;

  • Three kinds of coins: you will collect coins that turn into money on your way. If there are no mistakes, an additional multiplier will appear;

  • Upgrades: you can upgrade your character in the game. There are two types of promotions: some are found on the way, acting for a specific time, and others must be purchased in the store between levels;

  • Enemies: you are chased by crazy monkeys. Pursuit does not stop, but your feet remain active. Please do not get caught in the monkeys' clutches; you will become their lunch.


Today, over 50 million people play Temple Run for iOS. The game has become highly popular due to the simple gameplay, both malleable and captivating in the virtual world. Ranking elements and the bonus system make the endless journey enjoyable. Graphics is excellent: the design of levels and characters pleases the eye, especially on devices with good screens, allowing you to appreciate the beauty created by developers. This simple game can be turned on anytime and distract you from boredom.

  • Very addictive gameplay
  • Atmospheric graphics
  • Upgradeable items
  • Intuitive controls
  • Not much visual variety

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