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Design your future

3D graphics have greatly accelerated technological progress. With its help, you can open up new facets of realism in computer games or simplify your work in architecture. Developers usually use special programs for working with 3D graphics, such as SketchUp Viewer. This application is cross-platform, so there is a version for iOS. We will tell you about it.

What is this program?

SketchUp Viewer for iOS is a 3D design and architectural software. It is primarily used for modeling residential buildings, furniture, and interiors. It also contains tools for designing stairs, electrical wiring, plumbing, and equipment. Whether it is construction, renovation, or remodeling, the program is useful for all these purposes.

Why is this program so good?

Due to its ease of use, and convenient and user-friendly interface, SketchUp has become a handbook for many professionals, displacing more complex CAD systems. At the same time, SketchUp is compatible with the most popular programs used by designers and architects. Conceptual interior designs made in SketchUp can be seamlessly transferred to other programs for further refinement.

Primary functions

SketchUp Viewer for iOS is famous for its many features. They include:

  • the ability to install various visualization plug-ins and add effects;

  • creating macros based on the Ruby programming language;

  • using "components" when creating and editing model elements;

  • creating and using own sets of models, workspace styles, and materials; displaying the model in sections and adding drawing labels; support for working with layers;

  • creating objects with dynamic properties (object movement or shape change);

  • working with scenes, including the drawing mode and camera positioning;

  • the ability to develop models of real objects or buildings;

  • using the metric system for dimensioning;

  • the ability to display models in the first-person mode;

  • setting the shadows according to the real environment, as well as physical coordinates, time of day, and year;

  • integration with the Google Earth service; adding and modifying the landscape visualization.

This program allows you to develop objects of any size and shape, even without skills in 3D design.

  • It lets you share 3D models
  • Opens SketchUp designs without needing the license for the drawing tool
  • Offers many ways to view and analyze a design
  • Flexible and intuitive interface
  • It does not allow users to export a design to an image
  • Does not let users embed a design to a webpage
  • Does not include documentation tools
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