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The Benchmark of Battle Royale

Fortnite for iOS is the most popular example of the Battle Royale genre. It was released a few months after the great success of PUBG. Despite cartoonish graphics and not the most elaborated shooting physics, this project has earned the love of many fans in just one year. Now it is one of the most popular games on many streaming platforms.

What is this game?

Fortnite for iOS is an open-world survival game developed by Epic Games in 2017. It has become widely popular due to the Battle Royale mode.

Fortnite was announced by Epic Games in 2011. The game created by the author of the famous Unreal Tournament immediately interested many fans of the studio. The next news about this game appeared only in 2014.

The company announced that the game would be free to play and its closed alpha version would be available in December. The closed beta version appeared on Apple computers in 2015. In 2017, the game appeared in early access, and any player could download Fortnite for money. In August, Epic Games confirmed that more than a million people had already been playing Fortnite. The creation of Fortnite Battle Royale mode made Fortnite the most popular game of 2018.


You are transported to the not-distant past where the planet Earth suffers from a wave of cataclysms. Cyclones and storms have hit our planet and are destroying the world's population. Moreover, a virus has appeared on Earth that turns all humans into the Husk Monsters (the local equivalent of zombies).

Husks are evil entities, destroying and affecting everything in their path. To survive in these terrible conditions and save the planet from extinction, people team up in groups and work together to defend against the plague. The story is divided into missions with a certain level of difficulty. The map in the missions is divided into four regions, and the game starts in different locations each time.


Fortnite for iOS is a cooperative sandbox game in the survival genre. When users first start the game, they see a character creation editor where the player can assign their character to one of four classes: ninja, constructor, outlander, or soldier. Each class has its features and a certain set of characteristics. For example, the constructor can construct buildings of enormous sizes, and the ninja is skilled in close combat.

At the beginning of the passage, the player gets different weapons. You can use a long-range weapon, such as a shotgun and sniper rifle, and a short-range weapon, such as a knife or katana. Players can also create their own weapons and customize their skills.

Storylines and game modes always please users with their dynamics and the detailed surrounding world. To survive, you need to build, fortify, collect all sorts of useful resources, and fight enemies. The waves of monsters become even stronger in darkness, so it is better to prepare for the fight in the daytime. To avoid the lack of arsenal, it is better to collect weapons together with your teammates.

Explore locations, construct buildings, and strengthen them. You can create any type of buildings to any taste. First, find an area where you want to build a base. Take care of clearing the chosen location and start building. Buildings can be created using various materials, such as stone, metal, or wood. If your construction is a little different from the ideal, you can correct it.

Hero classes

  • The Soldier: the basic standard class, there is nothing special about it. This ordinary warrior possesses various explosive devices and guns to do a lot of damage in a battle. This class is needed for offense and defense in the game. If you learn all the features of the Soldier, you can make real chaos on the battlefield. The lack of construction bonuses is the only drawback;

  • The Constructor can build defensive structures and buildings. Construction is one of the most important parts of gameplay in Fortnite, so the Constructor is essential in any team. He can build a large base to protect you from monsters. The Constructor has various unusual abilities, such as increased damage from defensive structures and reduced cost and speed to construct buildings. However, the Constructor does little damage without his "traps", and this is his primary disadvantage;

  • The Outlander: the traveler from other lands came to the world of Fortnite to help people escape from the dead and find valuable artifacts. This hero specializes in finding rare items that can help the entire team in battle. However, this character has low defense and damage, so he is ineffective in battle. But he is fast in finding treasure chests, items of equipment, and technology. He can equip his allies with the best weapons for a short time. The Outlander is considered an integral part of any team in Fortnite;

  • The Ninja is a favorite character of any player with good damage and movement speed. He destroys zombies in a couple of strokes with his sharp swords. He can quickly overcome obstacles and get into hard-to-reach places using a double jump. However, it is not recommended to use him against a crowd of monsters as this hero has a low defense rating. It is better to go behind, kill a couple of zombies, and quickly return to your team. Otherwise, the game can end quickly.

The elaborate character system keeps players coming back to the world of Fortnite. Each character is unique with unusual "tricks" and abilities. Once you have mastered a character, you'll feel like a leader on the battlefield and you'll have no problem coming out the winner of any conflict.

Why should you play this game?

This game may seem quite simple at a first glance but various game mechanics make the gameplay much more diverse and interesting than in most similar projects.

  • The rapid crafting system makes it possible to create elements of construction, such as walls, on the run or while jumping. This keeps the game dynamic and makes it a bit more complex because you should understand in what positions you need to put elements in certain moments. This system has made this game so popular and well-known;

  • The rapid construction tools help the player to be protected even in the bare field. You can build an entire bastion at any time if there is the right amount of resources. If necessary, you can settle in a small area and return fire on the enemy tower;

  • Another feature is that most of the buildings and items in the game are destructible, and they can be dismantled with a pickaxe for resources for crafting;

  • The setting of the world allows you to introduce various mechanics that are usually absent in Battles Royale. Just look at the guided missiles you can fly. You can master the timings to dodge shots with emotions and more.

The developers often release updates, fix the balance of arms, add cosmetics, and hold events. You can invite your friends and compete with others on the official game servers.

  • Free
  • No ads
  • Supported on multiple platforms
  • Various game modes
  • Constantly evolving features and challenges
  • Impressive graphics
  • Access to online and offline communities
  • Various online support content
  • In-game purchases to customize the experience
  • The steep learning curve for newbies
  • In-game purchases can add up
  • Caution is needed when allowing children to play
  • Can get addictive

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