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Bus Simulator 3D
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The easiest way to try to drive a bus is just by using your smartphone

Bus Simulator 3D is an outstanding driving game for your iPhone or Android phone that sets you behind the wheel of a bus on a wide range of roads. Here, you must maneuver through traffic in the city, countryside, mountains, and other locations. The point of the game is to make scheduled stops to pick up and drop off passengers.

More about Bus Simulator 3D

The Bus Simulator 3D aims to accomplish missions by following predetermined paths. In other words, you must complete your run on time without causing any accidents. It would help if you become a careful driver, avoid crashing into anything and reach your destinations on time. In this game, the term ‘‘destination’’ refers to bus stops where you will have to drop off and pick up your passengers. In addition, Bus Simulator 3D offers you various types of buses to drive. These buses will be available to try as you progress through the game.

Important to mention that in the game, you will earn a certain amount of experience points once you carry out each action successfully. Besides, all your results will be compared on a leaderboard with those obtained by other virtual drivers.

Two modes of the game

There are two modes of the Bus Simulator 3D game for you to play. The first one is Free Ride mode, which allows you to practice your driving skills on the streets of the city. the other one is Mission mode. Here, you must pass each stage of the game by transporting passengers within a given time. Furthermore, you must complete the planned route with as many experience points as possible.

Two game visuals

As you may have already noticed by the game name, Bus Simulator is a 3D game. Additionally, two game views are offered: one inside and one outside the passenger compartment. So you can switch between these game views to find what is more suitable for you.


Bus Simulator 3D is one of the best mobile games for driving a bus just by using your device. This game is one of the most engaging games, no matter some slight graphics defects. This game is even more realistic than you can even imagine. So, if you are a big fan of driving simulators, you should definitely take a closer look at Bus Simulator 3D.

  • The driving simulation is well recreated
  • Two different game visuals
  • Three sets of controls
  • The career mode is well crafted
  • Leader board and experience points
  • Some graphical defects
  • No multi-player mode
  • Interface could be improved

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