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Melissa Wyss
Melissa Wyss
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A powerful way to view and convert images

XnView MP is a powerful tool with which you can view and convert more than 500 image formats. The program has an intuitive interface, so you can control it with one click of the computer mouse. It is fully Unicode compatible to support all programming languages. This is a completely new and convenient modular interface.

You can use XnView MP to edit, share multimedia, and process multiple images with the batch conversion option.

Possibilities and functions for working with images

  • Revision. You can view your images in thumbnail view, full-screen mode, movie mode, or slide show. You can also compare images with each other.

  • Photo editor. XnView has a built-in photo editor. The tools allow you to resize, rotate, and crop images without losing quality. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, light, and white balance to make the photo better. If you are not a professional in this matter - there are automatic settings. Apply color correction, filters, or effects to your liking.

  • Format support. XnView MP is very sad and supports more than 500 image formats. This includes standard, multi-page, and even animated images.

  • Converting. You can also easily and quickly convert one file type to other thanks to XnView MP. This way, you can open the file on any device.

  • Additional functions. As XnView improves its performance, new additional features are constantly being released. For example, the application can recognize a face and its areas in a photo. You can assign a name to a face. This data is controlled by you and is not uploaded to any online services.

XnView MP Community Forum

If you need a way to start interacting with other users and developers - visit the software forum. There you can get support from other users with your questions by posting your question about using XnView MP. You can also report bugs in the program if you encounter them. In this case, the developers will fix this failure, and you will help other users.

In addition, you can submit your suggestions for improving the functionality of XnView MP. Describe the idea of ​​your proposed feature, and maybe your option will be added for public use.

Should I download XnView MP on Windows?

If you like to work with images and are looking for a convenient program for these purposes, you should try XnView MP. It is stable, powerful, versatile, and provides excellent viewing of photos and management of images. With it, you will be able to change the image file size and type, thereby optimizing it for specific purposes. In addition, it is straightforward to use, and you will not have to deal with the interface for a long time. But if you have small problems, questions or suggestions - you can contact the community forum.

XnView MP supports all standard and unique image and graphics formats. It also continues to update its capabilities, add new functions, and optimize performance. So it is an excellent app to use.


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Pierre E. Gougelet
65.48 MB
Download for Windows
  • This program can support more than 500 unique image formats
  • Higher workloads can benefit from the ability to perform batch conversions
  • The license for a single user is relatively high
  • This program cannot be shared between multiple users



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