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A good and high-quality CAD

When designing and preparing the production, construction, and operation of buildings and structures, it is necessary to create working documentation with a thorough and detailed description of all elements of the construction, taking into account the technology of production, construction, and operation of the structure.

The quality of project preparation determines the level of complexity achievable in its creation: the most complex objects require using the most advanced design automation systems called CAD. Tekla Structures provides the best and even individual results in information support at all stages of the project life cycle. This software is multiplatform, so it can be run on Windows. We will tell you more about it.

What is this program?

The foundation of any project in Tekla Structures for Windows includes intuitive elements for designers, such as columns, beams, slabs, walls, steel plates, and bolted and welded connections. The connection between particular aspects of the model can be made automatically using predesigned (or supplied with the programs) components. When using details, Tekla automatically generates assemblies (reference marks).

The high quality of projects made in Tekla is provided by the extensive capabilities of the library of standard components and the ability to create custom parametric components. The wide use of Tekla technology worldwide allows you to use the best world achievements in the work. Model creation is performed in a 3D environment under all the requirements of BIM technology. Working drawings, reports, technological tables, and lists of custom products reduce the time for the design and development of a set of project documentation.

Where is this program used?

The use of Tekla Structures CAD in the design of steel structures and reinforced concrete structures in the construction of significant stadiums, airports, hangars, bridges, and malls have proven the feasibility of using this technology. At the same time, Tekla can be successfully used for designing small objects, such as metal supports for power lines.


The basic configurations of Tekla Structures used in various trades and project departments are the following:

  • Project Viewer provides access to all project data. Moreover, the free BIMsight package is available. It allows you to view a 3D project and share comments with various people, from investors to builders and customers;

  • The Drafter is designed to complete the working documentation, distribute the work, and coordinate the design engineers;

  • The Construction Modeler prepares data for installation and construction, including scheduling, billings, and transport of assemblies;

  • Engineering exports and imports data from other CAD systems, including third-party analytical and engineering calculations. This functionality is also used in metalwork and reinforced concrete projects;

  • Castin Place is the design of monolithic reinforced concrete structures, taking into account the stages of pouring, the volume of workpieces, and the consumption of materials;

  • Precast Concrete Detailing includes production preparation and unloading of Unitechnik machine files;

  • Steel Detailing is the design and production preparation of steel structures, including the preparation of information for CNC machines for cutting and welding;

  • Primary is a primary configuration that allows you to work with steel structures and reinforced concrete but limits the complexity of the model to 2.000 elements;

  • Full Configuration includes all of the features mentioned above.

Working with reinforced concrete structures

Tekla Structures for Windows is an excellent tool for reinforcing concrete structures. Tekla Structures features enable the reinforcement of details of any complexity. Using manual reinforcement tools, Tekla Structures users can use the standard sets of structures to automatically reinforce typical reinforcement elements and create unique reinforcement products of arbitrary shapes and configurations. Tekla Structures helps to develop solid and logical connections by finding contradictions between reinforcement bars beforehand.

Tekla Structure has a special mode for working with cast-in-situ reinforced concrete. It allows you to divide a model into grids. You can also use Tekla to model reinforced concrete structures of any degree of complexity and detail.

Tekla Structures can handle precast and cast-in-place structures in the reinforced concrete section. For precast structures, Tekla allows you to automate the design of element connections. There is a database of standard components and the ability to create custom parametric components.

Automating many processes, such as automatic drawing generation and drawing cloning, is one of the advantages of Tekla. Automatic numbering of all model elements based on user-defined rules is also available. Drawing editing mode in TS has a complete set of tools for automatically generated drawings.

Working with metal details

Tekla Structures for Windows is an excellent solution for designing metal details. It is a flexible, powerful, and multifunctional tool with a user-friendly interface. Tekla Structures solves both small and large tasks when creating metal details. The technical features of Tekla Structures make it easy to work with highly-detailed and large models.

With Tekla, you can create both generic models and unique designs.

  • Flexible editor settings
  • User-friendly interface for creating connections
  • High final performance
  • None