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Gabriela Haynes
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Share any files with your friends

SHAREit is an app for sending pictures, music, and more to other devices without an active Internet or Bluetooth connection. While many alternatives offer a similar service, this app removes the restriction on transmitting. You can send data of all shapes and sizes. This free program uses a private hotspot to share up to five devices. This program also supports multiple connections simultaneously.

You can share the same file with up to five devices simultaneously. This works even if each of them is a different brand. Surprisingly, Wi-Fi speeds can also reach 20 Mbps. That's more than 200 times faster than a Bluetooth connection.

More Features

In addition to additional features, you can play games, find popular music, access a massive library of pictures and stickers, and stream videos. This divided attention affects the quality of the primary purpose of this application - file sharing. When you download SHAREit, you encounter several ads and extra features you might not expect. What this app may lack in functionality, it makes up for in compatibility. This is where SHAREit stands out. It brings all the different platforms together and makes them work together harmoniously. There are a few problems when establishing a connection between other devices.

Maintains the original quality of the file

Often other applications reduce the quality of large transmissions to save space. However, this app meets the original specifications for each file. When you send a 320 kbps song to your phone, it stays the same throughout. If you need to send essential documents or images, SHAREit is the best choice. Most modern hardware handles this application just fine. However, older operating systems and devices may have problems.

SHAREit for Windows XP, for example, lags and cannot maintain a stable connection. It also works better with Android. This is because later releases of Windows have better built-in compatibility with other operating systems in general. You can listen to music, stream videos, mess around with the file manager, and play some unique games. Although they are not related to the primary function of SHAREit, you can still find daily use for them.

Why download SHAREit for Windows?

This application benefits from its simplicity, wide range of tools, and fast data transfer. It is also compatible with many different file types. Installation is quick and easy via the SHAREit app or the official installer. Although the interface is frustrating and full of ads, it is not complicated or overwhelming. In the latest update, the developers added a chat feature where you can stay in touch with friends while sharing files.

SHAREit also has a console you can access to manage PowerPoint presentations on PCs and Macs. One of the best parts of this app is that it doesn't require an Internet connection. All you need is more than one device and a wireless access point to share files. It's easy to set up; choose what you want to share and click "Send" to transfer the files. The PC version of SHAREit is the fastest way to create an access point.


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  • Excellent cleaner
  • Supports multiple devices
  • Standalone mode
  • Fast file transfer
  • Slow when multitasking
  • Infused with ads



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