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Play your favorite games and have fun

Project64 emulates all the functions and hardware of the Nintendo 64 console that was popular in 1996. It allows you to run images copied from the original Nintendo cartridges (ROM files). This program is available for the Windows operating system, so that we will tell you more about it.

What is this program?

Project64 is a free emulator to run any retro Nintendo 64 console game. It is available with open source for Nintendo 64 and 64DD created in C++. You can play any game on your personal computer with improved graphical clarity.

The program is compatible with different operating systems, including Windows. It has a user-friendly and easy-to-master interface. Project64 allows games to work with the parameters and without additional settings. But if you intend to improve the quality of your retro game, other functions make it easy.

What is this program used for?

The program allows you to run your favorite games designed for the N64 console on your PC. The games are controlled using the keyboard. Additional features of the emulator include the ability to take screenshots.

The interface of Project64 is similar to that of other emulators. The control elements are not numerous. The table occupies the primary space of the main window with all the games found by the emulator. The main window can be scaled if necessary. Moreover, the program supports launching games in full screen.

Program features

The primary features of Nintendo 64 include using new technologies to work with 3D graphics, anti-aliasing textures, the MIP-mapping part, 64-bit bitrate, etc. Due to them, there are many three-dimensional games with improved graphics compared with consoles of previous generations. Project64 allows you to run old Nintendo games, such as Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, Banzo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and others, on an ordinary PC.

The Project64 installation version for Windows has everything to run "out of the box." After installation, you can adjust the image, select the resolution, and change the critical assignment. The program also supports plugins that can add new features, support for new gamepads, and new graphics modes.

The program has a user-friendly and minimalistic interface. In addition to classic emulation, Project64 supports screenshots, savings, video and sound settings, emulation speed, and more.

Primary benefits

Project64 for Windows has the following benefits:

  • Improved graphics quality;

  • Excellent game compatibility;

  • Support for savings;

  • Built-in cheat codes, etc.;


Project64 for Windows is the longest-running and the most stable emulator of the Nintendo 64 game system. With this program, you can play games on this console. Project64 can launch and stably play most Nintendo 64 games. The emulator has problems with some games, but this is not common. Possible issues often do not appear, and it is possible to play the most popular games qualitatively.

The program is easy to control. Basic settings are very few, and their purposes are explicit for most users. The selection of optimal plugins the emulator works with is a severe adjustment. Several external plugins for video, audio, control and RSP have unique advantages when working with certain games. The standard configuration almost always works correctly.

  • Ease of use
  • Support for savings
  • Built-in cheat codes
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Not all games run smoothly
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