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A package of applications for complex work in the office for free

Apache OpenOffice is software that gives you a complete office suite for project management. It is completely free to download and use. You can work with a word processor, create presentations, enter data in the form of spreadsheets, and more. Apache OpenSource supports several file formats for working and saving. There is support for many languages ​​of the world. The Apache platform has plug-ins, so you can change the interface and documents to the language that suits you best.

Software packages that you can use

  • Writer. This is a text editor for working with text documents. This way, you can quickly write reports, articles, or letters and keep them in one place. Here are all the essential tools and additional ones, such as bug fixes and grammar.

  • Calc. If you need to create spreadsheets with the ability to calculate formulas - Calc will offer you the following tools. In addition, you can analyze the data entered and insert graphs for visual presentation to others.

  • Impress. This tool will help you create attractive presentations for business and training meetings. There are many templates and features to make your presentation unique.

  • Draw. If you love to draw - you can create your own simple drawings here. In addition to the usual brushes, there are tools for charts and even for 3D images. Then you can also integrate these elements into the presentation.

  • Base. You will need this feature for the effortless process of creating an information database. You will be able to manage it by providing forms, queries, spreadsheets, and reports for use in your next project.

  • Mathematics. It is a professional tool for complex mathematical calculations. You do not confuse about how to use it because the interface is straightforward.

Apache OpenOffice security

You don't have to worry about the security of your data in Apache OpenOffice. All data is securely encrypted, maintained by a security team and a privacy policy. In the settings, you can check for file corruption and read additional tips on document protection. If you have any problems, you can contact Apache OpenOffice security and get help.

Also, the use of Apache OpenOffice is perfectly legal, except where Apache Software Foundation copyrighted items are used. Therefore, before choosing a logo or element - check whether it is available for use.

Should I download Apache OpenOffice on Windows?

If you often have to work with different types of electronic documents - the Apache OpenOffice offer will be a great solution. This software provides all the necessary essential tools for effective business, including spreadsheets, text editors, and presentations. The most significant advantage is that the use is completely free. This is great for you if you do not have too much budget to spend on such office suites or plan to use them only for personal purposes.

The developers offer regular updates for easy use and improved functionality. You can choose from many languages ​​for the interface. You can also share copies of documents with colleagues, friends, and family for free to view or collaborate on. Therefore, you should try to use Apache OpenOffice to work with electronic office documents.


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Apache OpenOffice
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  • Free access to open-source office programs
  • Can open multiple file formats
  • Available in several languages with plugins
  • Safety addressed by a security team
  • Can’t save in Microsoft file formats



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