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Accessible edit Text Documents & Code

Notepad++ 64-bit can be used for simple tasks, scripting, coding, and web development.

The program has a simplified graphical user interface, which makes it unmodern. Notepad++ is a well-thought-out and straightforward text editor that stands out for its power and feature set. The tool can please the most demanding users.

The user is given the ability to apply styles to control the appearance of the edited texts.

The classic virtual notepads

Notepad++ 64-bit will suit programmers at their best. Many users have loved the program, as evidenced by the positive reviews. Notepad++ is open source, allowing anyone to access and tweak the code. Notepad++ 64-bit has been the trusted choice around the world for years.

Main editing functions

Notepad++ is an extended version of the built-in Notepad. The editing section of the program has a column mode and an editor, which makes Notepad++ primarily helpful in working with texts. It would be best if you pressed the Alt key while hovering your mouse cursor over the text to edit it so that you can change entries simultaneously.

The program also has multiple editing features. You can enable it in the Preferences menu, and the editing itself is done using the Ctrl+Mouse combination to have more control over editing documents with repetitions.

The following features of Notepad++ are also worth highlighting:

  • The editor remembers files, even those that have not been saved. The program is ideal for programmers due to the syntax highlighting and collapsing personally customizable codes.

  • Support for automatically filling reserved words/functions/parameters. The editor allows you to work with C++, PHP, CSS, HTML, Powershell, SQL, and XML.

  • In Notepad++, you can automate tasks by allowing you to write performed operations into macros.

  • There are huge lists of plugins available.

Notepad++ 64-bit can replace the built-in text editor of the operating system effectively. The program consumes minimum system resources, giving you more possibilities.

How to download Notepad++?

A basic version of Notepad++ 64-bit is available for free download. After downloading, an installation wizard will help you complete the installation through a few simple steps.

Notepad++ security settings

Notepad++ is considered one of the safest free software to download. However, imitators and fraudulent versions on the Internet copy the official Notepad++.

To be safe, you should download the program from a reliable source. On our website, all programs are entirely safe, just like Notepad++.

We should add that Notepad++ is only available for Windows. The program does not have built-in tutorials and help functions, so coding newbies will initially find it challenging to work here.

How to solve possible problems with Notepad++?

Here are solutions to several problems that may appear in Notepad++ 64-bit.

№1. Disabling automatic opening of previous files

The program can reopen every file opened in the last session by default. To disable this feature, you should do this procedure:

Go to Settings - Preferences - Backup, where you need to uncheck "Remember the current session for the next run."

№2. Making Notepad++ the default

There are two ways to make Notepad++ the default program:

  1. Open Notepad++ - go to Settings - Preferences - File Association. Then select Notepad and move the .txt and .log extensions to the Registered Extensions column. You can now close Settings and Notepad++ itself. Next, go to any .txt file and right-click on the file. Select the Open with... options and specify Notepad++ here.

  2. Right-click on the .txt file - a context menu will appear where we select Properties - go to the General tab - in the section that defines the type of file and program, click the "change" button. Select "other applications" and find the option "look for another application on this PC." It would be best to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++, where you point to notepad++.exe - click open. Now you can close the properties window.


Using Notepad for coding is an excellent option for most tasks. Notepad provides users with a simplified interface, reducing the load on your PC's processor compared to other programs.

Notepad++ remains in demand because of its simplicity, reliability, and efficiency in coding and when working with texts. Notepad++ 64-bit is a timeless classic that regularly receives all the necessary updates with bug fixes.

  • Minimum size
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code collapse highlighting
  • Autocomplete words
  • Support functions for programming languages
  • Dozens of tabs
  • Styles that can be customized
  • Write macros
  • Working with plugins
  • Old interface
  • Some plugins work intermittently



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