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Work with documents in the usual format

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular and necessary applications for working with documents from the standard Microsoft Office software package. With it, everyone can create, edit and view documents. The simple and intuitive interface of the program allows using it for absolutely all users around the world. Despite the rapid development of technology and new text editors, Microsoft Word continues to occupy a leading position in this list.

Online document management and a large set of useful tools

The program is most often used on a PC, but it is also available for mobile devices on iOS and Android. The latest version of the app includes many useful features such as advanced text formatting options, real-time document collaboration, and others.

Each version of Microsoft Word has valuable features for freely editing files:

  • A set of tools for changing the appearance of text

  • Spellchecking

  • Built-in objects

  • Ability to create tables and charts

  • Inserting images and external links function

Another vital advantage of the program is the WYSIWYG interface, with which you can easily compare the edited document with the final version visible on a specific page. Saved files are opened and supported by all devices without errors.

Download and install Microsoft Word

The program can be purchased separately and as part of the Microsoft Office 365 product package. A paid subscription is required to open the full range of functions. The app opens on any device and is supported by all available PC, tablet, and mobile operating systems.

Program interface

The program is suitable even for students and beginners. Editing even long and voluminous documents becomes convenient and straightforward thanks to the zoom controls, easy scrolling through the pages, and extended Microsoft Word options.

Additional features and tools

In addition to numerous opportunities for creating documents from scratch, you can find templates from the developer in the program. This feature will help create letters, notes, resumes, layouts, and text blocks. Microsoft Word is intuitive to manage from the first minutes of use and therefore continues to be actively used by users.

Collaborate with documents in Microsoft Word

You can share files with other users in just a few clicks. More importantly, there is the possibility of choosing access for each invited participant. And you will be able to track who is working on the document in real-time and follow the latest updates and changes.

Another advantage of Microsoft Word is that the program does not distort the display of files when sending documents by e-mail. No errors or incorrect formatting on other devices.


Microsoft Word is a convenient multifunctional application for creating, editing, processing, and sharing documents. A simple interface and regular updates and bug fixes make the program universal and popular.


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Microsoft Corporation
  • It has a large set of useful features
  • Document Collaboration
  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Access on all devices and OS
  • No integration with SharePoint and VB
  • Doesn't support ActiveX
  • Embedded fonts are missing



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