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Microsoft Exchange Server is a messaging and collaboration software product. The primary functions of Microsoft Exchange include processing and forwarding emails, calendar and task sharing, mobile and web access support, integration with voice messaging systems (from Exchange 2007), and support for instant messaging (the support function was removed since Exchange 2003). The program is available for Windows so that we will tell you more about it.

What is this program?

Microsoft Exchange is a popular computer program for text messages and collaborative teamwork. Many companies and educational institutions actively use it.

The program has a leading position in the market of collaborative systems. The advanced functionality of the program causes its unprecedented demand and popularity.

In Exchange Server, you can send email messages, create documents, and plan future meetings and events using a unique built-in calendar. The developed program successfully interacts with mobile devices. Microsoft Exchange Server has an impressive history of development.

Program features

Microsoft Exchange Server for Windows allows you to share contacts, tasks, and other mail services. You can create a mailbox with your unique domain. The program will enable you to work with voicemails, faxes, and mobile devices. You can access the mail server from any computer with an Internet connection. There is support for HTTP, POP3, SMTP, LDAP, IMAP 4, and MAPI. ES can interact with other Microsoft utilities, such as ActiveSync, Windows Mail, and Outlook. The utility works closely with the Active Directory (AD) component.

Primary advantages

Microsoft Exchange Server for Windows has the following advantages:

  • Regular updates. As Microsoft Exchange exists, its creators improve its functionality and operability level. Each new version is a step toward a brighter future. Due to this mail server, students and office workers perform their duties well;

  • Multifunctionality. With Microsoft Exchange, you can send emails, use a calendar, plan your working schedule, and create text documents. Voicemails are available in many versions;

  • Availability and a significant number of purposes. Anyone can use this program. A mail server works seamlessly with Mac and mobile devices. It is enough to choose your version of the famous program;

  • Active Directory. Microsoft Exchange integrates with the directory service. Connection to the server does not require unnecessary operations. It is enough for a user to create an account. A mailbox appears automatically. The server is ready to run in just a few clicks;

  • Ready-to-use Windows Server. Managing the program does not cause many difficulties. A user can solve the task quickly.

However, there are also some disadvantages:

  • The need for quality hardware. To let the server function successfully, you need to get technical equipment with a high level of power. This requirement is especially true for large mailboxes (50 GB and above);

  • A mobile version of the server. To work in Microsoft Exchange Server, you should have a modern and technically solid mobile device, i.e., an electronic device with support for such programs;

  • Several versions of Exchange Server can confuse an average PC user. Which one is better? Sometimes it is impossible to choose a program version without the advice of an experienced person who understands the matter.


Microsoft Exchange Server for Windows is a proven system compatible with other Microsoft products. With a cloud-based messaging solution, corporate data is stored securely in Tier III data centers and transmitted over a secure SSL connection. The mail server's stability, uptime, and availability are also improved.


Microsoft Exchange Server is a convenient, reliable, and high-quality program. The multifunctional mail server helps office workers and students stay in touch with colleagues and friends, perform necessary tasks, and work with text information.

When choosing a version of the server, keep in mind its cost, functionality, special features, and technical capabilities of your device.

  • High quality
  • Multifunctionality
  • Security
  • High system requirements for large servers

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