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Joel Miller
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The free social network for you and your business for Windows!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free social network that allows you to tell your story in the form of visual content. Mike Krieger and Kevin Sistrom created it for iOS in 2010 and 2012 for Android. Facebook bought the app the same year and has provided new features ever since. The program positions itself as a mobile application, but in 2016 they released a PC version for those who wanted to swap fingers for a mouse wheel and keyboard. It provides almost the same use feeling, except for access to certain functions. It has an excellent rating and more than 500 million users worldwide.

Why is this social network so popular?

You've heard about Instagram many times or even have this program on your phone. Instagram has gained worldwide popularity because it is easy to install and use, and even a child can handle it. Friends can learn from your photos about your vacation, work, and meetings. Here you can also follow the lives of many celebrities, look for like-minded people and create your own community. All this creates wild popularity.

Features in the Windows version

Once installed, you will be prompted to register or log in to your account if you already have one. In the Windows version, you can share photos or videos, write posts about your incredible experience, like and comment on other users' posts, view other people's stories, correspond and distribute posts to Direct, and view your account statistics. In general, almost all features from the mobile version, except for publishing stories, Reels, and a large selection of filters for photos.


The interface looks the same as in the mobile application. At the top of the program is a camera icon where you can take a picture with your webcam, a ribbon update icon, and a Direct icon that looks like a paper airplane.

At the bottom of the interface are the same four icons:

-The "Home" button takes you to the main Instagram feed, where new posts appear from people in your subscriptions.

-Search button. Here you can search for people, tags, and places. Unfortunately, the Windows interface doesn't work very well here, and the search still returns all the results in a single list format.

-Heart button. It shows the activity of other people in your account who subscribed, who liked and commented on the post

-Your profile. Edit your post and see how others see it.


This is a great social network to promote your business or services! It is pretty easy to promote here, and there is even official advertising on Instagram and Facebook. You can customize the portrait of your target audience and offer them your product or service. There are both stores that receive customers only from Instagram and companies for which it is a supplement to the basic earnings. Another advantage of the Windows version is that you can type faster from your computer if you need to communicate with customers in a Direct Message. This is an excellent reason to go beyond the mobile application.

Personal use

 Don't have a business? Use Instagram to chat with friends or start a blog! You can gain a wide audience, strengthen your personal brand and become a real star. Some ordinary users gain an audience of millions and later make money from advertising. It can be you. There are several features and filters you can use to enhance your photos. This will give you uniqueness among thousands of photos.


The program provides reliable security and keeps your profile confidential. If you are worried that someone may hack your public record - you can set the settings to double authentication. There is also a feature to view active devices, and if you see an unfamiliar device - you can delete your account from it. The only thing we do not recommend is to follow the links from unknown accounts so that you may lose access to the account and other unpleasant consequences.


Instagram may delete specific material, remove your rights to particular posts, or ban you from using its platform altogether. Why? The fact is that Instagram cares about the safety of all users, and it is important to him that the content does not violate community rules. Naked bodies, call for violence, Videos, and photos with brutal scenes cannot be published. You can learn more about this from the Facebook rules.

Is it worth downloading?

Yes. The simplicity of Instagram makes it favorable for all users. The platform has a clean interface that is not cluttered with icons and text everywhere. How you use Windows depends primarily on whether you have a phone, a keyboard, or just can't do without Instagram.


More info

  • The incredible popularity of social networks
  • Instant distribution of the publication
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Sophisticated design without clutter
  • Link to Facebook account and pages
  • Ability to share content from other programs
  • Limited features compared to the mobile version
  • You may lose your rights to the content
  • Strict policies limit your ability to publish



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