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A true classic from Blizzard

With Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard is changing the genre of МОВАs and allowing all the heroes of the famous universes to fight each other in large arenas. We will tell you why this game is so popular and why it can be safely attributed to a true classic.

What is this game?

Blizzard is one of the founders of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, and Heroes of the Storm for Windows has not departed from the canons of this genre. Each arena has lines for monsters and mobs in the forest, as well as additional goals and tasks changing the familiar gaming formula and making the battles differ from other games of the МОВА genre. The team of players shares all the experiences they receive. Instead of a hero's level, you get the level of the entire team. Heroes of the Storm has nice graphics, dynamic gameplay, and memorable characters, and the battles don't drag on for long.


Newcomers should go through training locations and learn the basics of battles on the game lines and the system of destruction of towers and forts. The first full-fledged match is held against artificial enemies, and then you can choose one of the starting heroes and start a quick game. Winning and upgrading each character gives you the gold needed to buy more powerful and complex warriors. After reaching a certain level and getting enough fighters, you can start a competitive match. Teams choose their characters, so players have to consider the group interests and play the required role of support, tank, specialist, or assassin. The proposed set of warriors and their talents allows you to adjust the team to any battlefield conditions while selecting counter heroes for the enemy.


Heroes of the Storm has typical MOBA gameplay but with some unusual features. During the match, waves of computer-controlled creatures encounter each team in various locations. Players fight them to get to the enemy towers, conquer, and destroy the opponent's base. The group sometimes has to conquer a specific point guarded by creatures neutral to the players but actively defending their territory. You can receive bonuses for these tasks. Once you start killing hostile mobs and other players, you gain experience, and the entire team's level goes up. Experience points unlock unique abilities allowing you to earn more gold. Gold can be used to buy in-game items, upgrades, costumes, and weapons to customize your character.

Characters are divided into several roles:

  • Tank;

  • Bruiser;

  • Melee Assassin;

  • Ranged Assassin;

  • Healer;

  • Support.

There are more than 60 heroes to choose from: some are freely available, some are given for level up, and some can only be obtained for donation. There are also four types of objects in the game:

  • A citadel needed to be destroyed;

  • Forts, slowing down and delaying your enemies;

  • Fountains, restoring mana and health;

  • Line of defense, consisting of towers, walls, and gates.

Some maps also have certain observation positions. You can capture them to keep an eye on everything happening in the territories. Each map has different tasks, and completing them gives you advantages, such as bombarding enemy structures or giving you a strong unit blowing everything in its path.


The gameplay of Heroes of the Storm for Windows is very diverse, and each map has its surprises changing your strategy. For example, there may be a temple on the map, and once captured, one of the teammates becomes a very powerful dragon-knight, flaming at a great distance. And if you look into the caves and destroy enemy skeletons, you'll increase the power of your golem breaking through enemy walls. The game encourages you to play as a group from the start. With the right approach, strategy in the game can be more important than the players' individual skills. Therefore, the matches can be short and rage-filled or long when two teams of five wages fierce warfare in the heart of the storm.

Game features

Heroes of the Storm for Windows has the following features:

  • Recognizable characters from other Blizzard projects and a constant release of new fighters.

  • A unique opportunity to play for free as heroes from several Blizzard worlds in one game;

  • All fighters have exceptional skills and talents for each battle;

  • Multiple modes and over 14 battlefields with special team challenges;

  • Participation in the season with a ranked game selection, awards, and the ability to enter cyber sports;

  • Already familiar with MOBA games, but a modified system with the character appearance. Free chests with decorations and costumes;

  • Battles are fast-paced and require team interaction.


Blizzard combines different worlds in their games, such as Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, etc., and transfers the famous characters to the classic arena. This idea is exciting, and fans of Blizzard's games will like it. Heroes of the Storm has an interesting system of getting the experience. It is divided between all the players in the team equally. If your ally destroys a building or stands next to the dying soldiers, you get the experience. This idea changes the usual concept of MOBA games, where the player gets the experience individually. Fans of games of similar genres who want to try something new will be pleased by this game.

  • Shared team experience
  • Quick and exciting matches
  • Dynamic objectives
  • Designed for all
  • Cartoon style spoils villains
  • Expensive micro-transactions

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