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Hangouts for your Windows

Hangouts is a communication program that helps you send text messages, emojis, photos, and group video calls. The ability to make a free video call with ten contacts makes it very popular among small companies and private users. You can access the product on different devices, such as an application and a PC, through the Chrome extension.

Hangouts are one of Google's online apps and are considered a simpler version of Google Meet and Google Chat.

Google Hangouts Overview for Windows

Google Hangouts is a simple way to stay in touch with friends, partners, and family. The app easily syncs with your contact list and your accounts on all your gadgets. Plugin Google Duo lets you stream live from your device's camera, which simplifies communications and helps you share important moments.

Messengers have become an integral part of life and communication. Hangouts lets you use the standard features of most messaging apps, such as Zoom or Skype, and makes it easy to share data and files.

The desktop version of Hangouts is a plugin for Google Chrome. The interface of the app is similar to Facebook's interface. Contacts are presented like small circles and are located above the service windows. When the user clicks on the message, a dialog opens. There is a search for users by e-mail, which is quite convenient.

However, group video calls are the main feature of the program. To start a video conference, press the video call button. Once the call has started, you can quickly turn off the camera or microphone with a single click. You can also use video calls to spread more information.

More useful features for managing your Hangouts

A significant improvement of the application is saving history for group chats, which allows all added users to view data. All conversations are stored on Google Drive, which not only simplifies access but also frees up device memory.

What is the quality of the Hangouts video?

Hangouts offer essential video quality, which in most cases depends on the quality and speed of your Internet connection. It is slightly lower than that presented in paid analogs but quite acceptable for private communication.

The security problems of video conferencing platforms are acute, but Hangouts is working hard to address them. The application provides security features included in the G Suite package and prevents third-party interception of your call.

Where to download and how to install Google Hangouts for Windows?

The application is available for devices with Chrome OS and Windows. The installation will start after you complete downloading the program. After installation, a utility shortcut will appear on the desktop.

It is best to download the program with the help of official Google resources, as this is the company that developed the application.

To start using the service on your computer, you need to install a program that emulates the Android OS. The Droid4X emulator is best suited for this. It will run the utility on your computer. The emulator takes up little hard disk space and does not slow down when running programs. Download Droid4X from Google Play and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Now use your personal Google Account to open Droid4X and find Hangouts for Windows. After reading the information, click on the "Download" button, and the program will automatically install on your computer. The main thing is to choose the version of the program for a personal computer. Otherwise, all the effort will be wasted.

There is also a shorter way. You can download the archive with files from the Internet resource. It will include the emulator program file and a new version of the messenger. All necessary installation instructions will also be provided. After downloading the archive, it must be unpacked using a zip program.

  • Technical requirements for software operation:

  • Virtualization is enabled.

  • Operating system - Windows.

  • Windows version - 7, 8, 10.

  • At least 2 GB of RAM.

  • System type - 32-bit, 64-bit, or 86-bit.

What installation problems may occur?

If you do not follow the specifications for Google Hangouts on your PC using the emulator, the program may crash or not work at all.

After successful installation, use the platform and communicate with friends, relatives, and colleagues. Share reviews and impressions of the program with other users. In case of bugs, write to the moderators of the site from which the program was installed.

  • Simple interface
  • It helps to sync contacts and chats across multiple devices
  • Integrate Google Voice
  • Strong security settings
  • Not focused on business and corporations
  • Poor quality of video calls

Also available in other platforms