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Joel Miller
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Data integration solution for managing your files and data

The FME Desktop is a powerful software tool that allows users to manage their data in the most efficient way possible. It will enable you to convert, share, validate and integrate your data without coding experience. This application gives you the power to create workflows with drag-and-drop functionality so you can easily configure your own custom solutions.

What industries use the app?

The FME Desktop can be used by anyone that needs to process data. It's an excellent tool for those in the following industries: architecture, construction, emergency services, defense and aerospace, federal and local government, natural resources, and more.

What can FME Desktop do?

  • It helps to create workflows to automate data collection from various sources and then convert it into a usable format.

  • Validate data against industry standards or rules before further processing or analysis.

  • Provides tools for creating workflows and visualizations for data.

Key capabilities

Data integration

This is a process of combining data from multiple sources into one standard format to make it easier to analyze and use. FME Desktop provides users with a wide range of data integration capabilities. It allows loading data from almost any data source, including databases and spreadsheets, extracting data from images and documents, and joining datasets together to create a unified view.

Data transformation

The primary purpose of data transformation is to ensure that the data is in a consistent format and that all the information within it can be accessed, analyzed, and used effectively. FME does this using transformer: a set of tools designed to pre-process data and prepare it for use within FME. Transformers can convert data from one format into another, merge, extract specific information from a dataset, or split it into smaller parts.

Spatial data

The main purpose of spatial data is to represent real-world objects in terms of location and spatial properties. FME can transform and visualize spatial data, including points, lines, and polygons.

Application integration

A common task in data integration is integrating data from multiple sources into a single application. FME is particularly useful for integrating applications written in different programming languages since it allows users to define transformation rules using a standard Java API. FME will enable users to connect to applications using Connectors and plugins that use the FME API to communicate with external apps. Using the FME Connector API (Java), you can also develop your own connector.

Data conversion

One of FME's most common use cases is a data conversion. The software allows users to convert data from one format into another, which helps integrate data from multiple sources or formats. The app will enable users to convert data between different formats using the FME DataConverter toolkit, which includes plugins for many formats such as FMW, FME, GPX, OSM, SXF, VDC, and many more. The FME's primary file type is FMW.

Data validation

Another common use case is data validation. The software allows users to check the integrity of their data, ensuring it is in the appropriate format and that all relevant fields are populated correctly. This can be helpful if you're working with files from multiple sources or formats.


FME Desktop is a powerful tool for data integration and conversion, with a robust library of plugins to support many file formats and protocols. Working with many different files is beneficial, such as when performing complex GIS analysis on large datasets. However, the user interface is somewhat clunky, mainly when working with large datasets. The software can also be challenging to learn without prior experience in data analysis.


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  • Support many file formats
  • FME Engine
  • Reporting
  • Integration
  • No coding experience is required
  • Drag-and-drop support
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  • Paid
  • Requires prior experience in data analysis



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