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The classic benchmark shooter in a modern wrapper

CS GO for Windows is the newest excellent shooter in the history of all Counter-Strike games. Many CS 1.6 fans eventually began to express their dissatisfaction with the state of the game, complaining about the clumsy graphics and physics, but continued to play their favorite game with clenched teeth. The audience started outflow, and the players began looking for more modern projects. That's why the Valve company decided to create an updated version of the game to compete with leading projects on the market and give many of them a head start. We will tell you more about this game.

What is this game?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO) is another update of the good old CS from Valve. The game has been visually refined to a near-perfect state in terms of balance. Now the game allows you to buy unique skills to improve the appearance of any weapons presented in CS GO.


Special attention was paid to expanding the list of the maps and a quality redesign of existing maps. This is the first version of the CS with custom maps officially added to the game. Each of the presented maps has increased points where you can hold a defensive end. The capacity of players on one point is increased to 64.

Cybersport potential

The Valve developers paid special attention to the cybersport component of the updated game, so CS GO gained the loyalty of the players. For over a dozen years, all the world championships were held on CS 1.6, outdated by modern standards. But they have switched to a new version of the game. Perfect balance was achieved everywhere it was possible.

The previous CS version, Source, was criticized by players for many shortcomings, and some of them continued to play the morally and technically outdated CS 1.6. CS GO was presented as a new legacy of a famous shooter in cybersports. Every year the Valve company organizes large-scale tournaments on CS GO, offering the best players and teams huge money prizes as a reward. So if you decide to join the ranks of CS players, keep in mind that this entertainment may turn into a profitable job over time.


Those players who have played earlier versions of this popular game (e.g., CS 1.6) would like that CS GO physics is redesigned in favor of realism. Computer models of game characters move around the map more naturally, and the bodies fall to the ground after death realistically. In addition, the new physics engine allows you to destroy some elements of the location, and it looks pretty cool. The CS series is viral due to updated graphics, physics, and many other significant innovations. Dynamic change of sound effects allows you to change the sound according to the changing environment. The sounds of gunshots are entirely redesigned, and now they sound more lush and realistic (especially if you play with quality headphones).


The team's primary goal is to destroy the enemy while performing specific tasks. The goal is set for the team when selecting a particular type of map. The objectives of the game can be diverse, depending on the chosen location:

  • De. These are classic, time-tested maps. Various cybersport competitions are held on them. The task is just one: setting explosives. The Terrorist team plants a C4 charge at a certain point. To complete the mission successfully, you must wait for the bomb to explode while fighting off enemies (special forces) who try to storm the point. Counter-Terrorists protect all points where it is possible to plant the bomb. If a bomb is planted, they need to defuse it;

  • Cs. The goal of such locations is to free the hostages from the points controlled by the Terrorists. The special forces need to storm the object without causing any harm to the hostages and then take all the survivors to the evacuation point. The player who made a shot is fined a certain amount of money for each killed or wounded hostage. In many cases, the events take place in a random building on the map. This may be a house or a warehouse where a team of Terrorists is hiding hostages. The task of the Terrorists is to fight off enemy attacks and not to let them take the hostages;

  • As. It is a minor type of location in the game. One of the players randomly becomes a VIP, and one team must deliver them to the assembly and evacuation point. Most of these locations are narrow tunnels with a minimum number of openings, but there are also quite extensive locations. The player selected as a VIP receives a triple stock of armor. It is issued at the beginning of the round. A VIP cannot use any of the weapons presented in the game.

You can play CS with bots or real players. Today, CS GO is one of the most popular network shooters in the world. Each player who has decided to play CS GO must do just two things: navigate to different locations and skillfully handle the chosen type of weapon. In improving skills, the player is advancing to the honorary title of master. In addition to good reactions and knowledge of maps, you must think in CS GO. That is why it is often called a tactical shooter.

Long-time fans are welcome too

The developers of the game tried very hard to make the new version of CS please the long-time fans of the series so that everyone, without exception, enjoyed new gameplay while getting high-quality and updated graphics and physics engines. Valve successfully conveyed the atmosphere of the old classic game and added a lot of modern elements, such as an expanded arsenal of weapons and the ability to catalyze each game object. In addition to the classic grenades, Molotov cocktails and other unique weapons were added to the game.

All CS 1.6 maps were recreated and transferred to the new engine, so they got much more elaborated new textures, and the scale of locations increased significantly. CS developers added numerous small and significant innovations to the game and delivered them from the bugs, including the bugs from earlier versions of the game. They considered the requirements of players by creating a more reliable and protected connection. The CS: GO client is protected from any hacking attacks, the introduction of third-party advertising, or any other attempts to interfere in the game.

  • Free to download and play
  • Features new game modes
  • Offers skill-based matchmaking
  • Has a new and improved interface
  • Occasional crashes

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