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Sophisticated and dynamic strategy

Command & Conquer: Generals is a popular real-time strategy game with classic gameplay. The game allows you to play as one of the sides of the global war, namely the United States, China, or the Global Liberating Army. While the USA and China cooperate, the third party is a large-scale terrorist group that has seized huge territories and become a significant threat to the world. We will tell you more about this game.


The plot unfolded in 2020. The Global Liberating Army (GLA) troops stage a terrorist attack at a parade in Beijing and steal a nuclear warhead, later exploding it. This prompts an invasion of Chinese territory. China mobilized its troops and was forced to fight back while the GLA bombed the Three Gorges Dam and the Hong Kong Exposition Center. China expelled the GLA troops from its territory, and the latter settled in the regions of Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan and destabilized the situation by capturing key strategic objects. Eventually, the GLA seized the Baikonur Cosmodrome and attacked the U.S. and Europe with chemical missiles, poisoning the area. Due to this terrorist attack, the U.S. goes to war against GLA forces.


Due to similar gameplay mechanics as in the previous Command & Conquer: Generals games, users collect resources and process oil fields. Building a base and expanding to access more resources is vital for gameplay. Develop your micromanagement skills, as there are opportunities to train troops, create tanks, and control air units.

Graphics is one of the most notable features of this game. You can zoom in and see the intricate work done by the game's developers. Command & Conquer: Generals, based on Frostbite 2 engine, has impressive gameplay based on excellent physics. When controlling tanks, you can see how trees or fences are destroyed in the tank's path.


Unlike previous games in the series, the storyline is shown as three-dimensional video boxes, not videos with real actors. Otherwise, the gameplay is similar to the last games, but the factions' differences have become more extensive. All sides of the conflict now have different technologies and, therefore, different buildings and units. This also changes the tactics of combat, playing as each side. However, everything follows the classics of the genre, e.g., you can still build your base and defense structures, extract resources, and train your army. The game offers various situations during missions; not all are based on destroying the enemy base. The game has three-dimensional graphics, and despite the year of release, it still looks great, especially the special effects.


In addition to the changes above, players can acquire "general points." The player increases the rank and earns points by destroying enemy buildings and units. High-ranked generals gain access to various abilities and off-map support, such as artillery strikes and air support. Five-star generals have access to the most potent powers. Each level opens a new stage in obtaining abilities, so it's worth choosing the most helpful support for combat tactics.

Each faction in Generals is unique regarding units, basic structures, and resource collecting. Even so, all three sides rely on barracks to produce infantry and factories to produce vehicles. Balance is one of the main goals of Generals. Each side has enough strength to survive from beginning to end. This differs from, for example, Red Alert 2, where the Soviets are invincible at the beginning of the game with their Reno tank, and the Allies are powerful at the end of the game, using combinations of mobile fortresses (Battle Fortress) and marines (GI).

No monotony

The EA developers made a fantastic game by changing the concept of gameplay. Instead of building huge squads and demolishing the enemy by the number of fighters, in "Generals," the gamer has to think fast and use various advantages of their faction to break the opponent's defenses. You don't need to build many buildings, save many resources, and then destroy the army of the enemy. You must use every unit as effectively as possible, deceive, trap, and use unusual maneuvers. Due to the number of such tricks and strategies, the game is so versatile that you can learn something new in every battle, even after twenty years.

Hundreds and thousands of battle scenarios are due to various factions, units, defensive and attacking structures, and official and unofficial maps. You can play as GLA for a long time, master every unit, understand all tricks, take control of China and realize that you have to fight without helicopters and energy runs out faster than the enemy creates "Scorpions." This versatility allows the strategy to stay relevant even after almost twenty years.

Game features

  • Engage in intense and strategic battles. Make the most of every action by placing soldiers, vehicles, and planes on maps filled with enemies, traps, and critical resources. Move individual troops, choose small groups, or apply a single order of attack to all allies as you try to defeat the enemy;

  • Collect and create. Fight for control as you must gather the resources needed to build new places, troops, and weapons;

  • Command and control. Explore a wide range of team games and fights! Discover epic conflicts over two decades of gameplay. Enjoy a frenetic style of combat and exciting graphics.

  • Three factions with unique units and features
  • Interesting storyline
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Ultimate replayability
  • Outdated graphics by modern standards
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