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Easily Edit Your TV Channels Through Your PC

ChanSort is an editor of a list of TV channels. It can work not with all televisions but only with those that allow exporting a file with channels to an external media, such as Samsung TVs of B, C, D, E, and F series, all LG TVs that were released from 2009 to 2013, Toshiba TVs with lists of channels in ZIP or CHMGT.DB files and Panasonic TVs were on sale from 2011 to 2013 and used SVL.BIN or SVL.DB lists. This program is available for Windows.

What is this program?

ChanSort is a Windows application that changes the channel list order on your TV. Most modern televisions can transfer channel lists via a USB stick connected to your computer.

ChanSort supports file formats from various brands and can copy program numbers and favorites from one file to another, even between different models and brands.

This software is a very specialized but efficient editor to change the list of TV channels on your TV. Using this application is completely safe and easy to master. The utility allows you to edit the list of TV channels the primary provider offers. You can remove all unnecessary components, remove less demanded programs, and even put "Parental control" to restrict children from adult content. This program can also list your most exciting and favorite channels and add them to the "Favorites" tab. The software supports various TV models that can work with the VDR format.

How does this program work?

After importing a suitable file, the program displays a complete list of channels and allows you to open a panel with additional information about each. You will always see two windows: "Sorted channels" and "All channels." This feature is designed for clarity purposes. The program also allows you to perform mass actions with channels by selecting them by holding down the CTRL key.

Using ChanSort, you can change the channel queue (you can even drag and drop the channels), add skips, lock specific channels, remove them, rename them, or enable parental control. The program supports Unicode encoding, so the names of the channels with Cyrillic letters in their terms and descriptions are displayed correctly. When you save the edited list, the program keeps its original format so that problems with the "deployment" on the TV do not occur.

Supported TV models

ChanSort supports many file formats, but it is impossible to determine a certain file format used by every make and model on TV (it may even change with firmware updates). The list of supported models is described below. However, if your model or brand is not presented in this list, it might work anyway:

  • Samsung;

  • LG;

  • Sony;

  • Hisense;

  • Panasonic;

  • Philips;

  • Sharp;

  • Dyon;

  • Blaupunkt;

  • Changhong;

  • Grundig;

  • Toshiba;

  • VDR;

  • Enigma2.

Program features

ChanSort for Windows has the following features:

  • Changing the channel order;

  • Using another channel list as a reference to apply for the same order;

  • Multiple selections to edit several channels simultaneously;

  • Single channel list view (assigned channels are displayed first, and then all unassigned channels are displayed);

  • Parallel viewing of the new/sorted list and the original/complete list (similar to playlist and library);

  • Renaming or deleting channels;

  • Management of favorites, parental control, channel skipping (when switching), and channel hiding;

  • The user interface is in English, German, Spanish, and many other languages;

  • Unicode character support for channel names (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, etc.).

Why should you install this software?

The diversity of the digital TV world has its drawbacks, even in modern smart TVs. Finding the necessary channels among 200-300 channels is often tricky. You can create lists of favorite channels, but this is not very convenient because you have to press many buttons and move between menu items with the TV remote control. The ChanSort free channel list editor for Windows will help you manage the channels on your TV.

This tool allows you to sort the TV channels for TVs of different models. It is convenient to do this using your personal computer. All you need to do is to export the current list from your Smart TV to a USB drive and then just transfer it to the program and start editing on your personal computer. You can select multiple channels at once or use filters. Then you should import the sorted list to your TV, and the work is done.

  • No need to manually configure channels with remote control
  • Supports Unicode
  • Can configure channel settings
  • Easy to reorder channels
  • Tricky to use at first
  • Can't connect to the TV directly
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