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BB FlashBack Express is a free screen recording application that creates compact and high-quality AVI and Flash video files with sound. It is ideal for creating video clips for YouTube and other similar services.

The program provides complete control over the video and sound functions. It records only screen changes, so the file size can be minimal while maintaining the high quality of a video. This program is available for Windows, so that we will tell you more about it.

What is this program?

BB Flashback Express for Windows is a program for recording screen activity. You can record an entire screen, a selected area, an active window, and sound and images from your web camera. If you minimize a program window, it goes to the system tray, not interfering with the recording process.

Audio recording options include the source (microphone, PC speaker, or other) and audio format (sample rate, channel mode, compression used, and quality). To record a video, you can select automatic or manual mode. In the latter case, the number of frames and video quality settings are available, as well as video capture modes via GDI, MPEG, or a capture driver. Additional options are available for advanced users in the settings section of the program.

Program features

  • Screen, sound, and webcam recording;

  • Saving video clips in Flash or AVI format;

  • The ability to upload videos to YouTube,, Viddler, and Revver;

  • The ability to record and playback webcam in picture-in-picture format;

  • Vista capture driver provides high performance when recording Windows Vista;

  • The ability to record voice comments during video recording and add soundtracks or videos from a webcam;

  • The ability to choose any part of the screen for recording (an entire screen, a window, or an area);

  • The ability to watch videos frame by frame;

  • Thumbnail navigation makes it easy to work with large video clips.


BB FlashBack Express can record the contents of an entire screen or a separate window. It helps users create gaming or tutorial videos. Webcam and microphone capture allows you to record an address to your viewers and add a comment or an explanation.

Moreover, the program has a timed start function. Users can record live sporting events, shows, movies, concerts, and news even when not on location.

The user interface of the recorder consists of a small central window that fits on any modern monitor without scroll bars. The design is made with the use of dark colors. Setting up the recording parameters and controlling them is intuitive.

The free FlashBack version supports output file formats like MP4, AVI, and WMV. The developers did not add any watermarks or ads and did not limit the duration of the final videos.

What's great about this program?

BB Flashback Express for Windows has the following benefits:

  • The program is distributed for free;

  • There are no restrictions on the duration of files;

  • There are no watermarks and advertising messages in the final videos;

  • User-friendly interface;

  • Support for the ASIO technology;

  • The ability to capture images from a webcam;

  • The ability to record audio;

  • Support for scheduled recording;

  • The ability to configure the quality of a video and a soundtrack;

  • The ability to record an entire screen, its part, or separate windows;

  • Support for tracking the position of windows on the screen;

  • There is no need to provide personal information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc.


BB FlashBack Express is an easy-to-use application that captures videos from the monitor screen and webcam. The program has various useful features to facilitate the process of video recording. They include voice comments, simultaneous recording from the camera and the screen, and the ability to post videos to popular media resources.

Hotkeys and an intelligent navigation system will help you quickly master and use the tools correctly. The task scheduler allows you to automate the video recording without your presence.

BB FlashBack Express for Windows allows you to record videos from the screen quickly and without any special knowledge. The program is suitable for gamers, online teachers, authors of YouTube channels, and other users.

  • Very easy to use
  • Step-by-step configuration wizard
  • Support for various sound sources
  • Uploads directly to Youtube and other sites
  • No editing tools
  • Only exports to 2 formats
  • A little slow
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