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Joseph Johnson
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The best program for 2D and 3D modeling

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a well-known and multifunctional system of automated design and drawing from Autodesk. This is great for you if you work with 2D and 3D designs. Thanks to AutoCAD, you can use many sets of tools and additional programs for separate specialties in work.

The application interface is as simple as possible with large icons, a colorless layout, and a tool for quick search of functions. In addition, you have access to the interface and reference documentation in 18 languages. The platform also offers free training mini-courses, webinars, and video tutorials for mastering the functionality. Thus, AutoCAD is an excellent opportunity for beginners who just want to start their journey with design and modeling.

Opportunities for 2D design

To create and work with 2D graphics, you can use AutoCAD to the fullest. The process will be fast, with increased accuracy and detail, because most tools are created for such purposes. You can work with elementary objects such as circles, lines, arcs, and text and create heavier constructions from them. Set the size for the things, and they will be saved when you move the object.

Opportunities for 3D design

Unfortunately, working with 3D models and heavy structures in AutoCAD is much worse than in 2D projects. The program interface is not very well suited for creating three-dimensional models. This can become even more difficult if you are new to 3D modeling. However, you can conveniently view the finished 3D models from all angles, control the depth of view and even see the cut and arrangement inside.

In addition, you can convert 2D images to 3D and vice versa. The program has no problems with this, which is quite an interesting feature because you can create a model in two versions simultaneously.

Is it worth downloading AutoCAD to Windows?

AutoCAD will be a great solution for you if you want to get acquainted with CAD or have long worked with design. The program has a clean interface, many features to work with, and opportunities for rapid learning, thanks to courses from the team. You can use AutoCAD in mechanical engineering, construction, architecture, design, engineering, and other industries. Most of all, it will be successful for designing 2D models and drawings because, for this work, there are much more tools than for 3D.

AutoCAD supports many file types for import, operation, and export. These include basic types, additional and even files created in other programs. Before uploading your file to the program, you must check if this format is supported. AutoCAD developers continue to release updates and improve functionality for comfortable use. This application will greatly simplify your tasks, so you should try its features.


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  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable macros
  • Significant 2D functionality
  • Lacks in the 3D department
  • Steep learning curve



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