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A great sound emulator for old consoles and computers

What is Audio Overload?

Audio Overload emulates the sound equipment of vintage consoles and computers, allowing you to listen to the fully authentic performance of classic video game tunes. It can also play music from some arcade machines. Audio Overload is an audio player that allows users to listen to authentic performances of vintage video game music, including tracks from Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Playstation, and Sega Saturn games.

Its creator, Richard Bannister, has developed a program to emulate the sound equipment of vintage consoles and computers. With Audio Overload, you can play music files saved in various formats related to video games. You can also use Audio Overload to unpack 7Z, LHA, RAR, and ZIP archives, allowing you to access the music files stored in these archives. The program also allows you to normalize the volume level of tracks and export songs in WAV format.

More information

An audio Overload is an excellent tool for listening to music from vintage video games you once played. If you miss listening to tracks from your favorite 8- or 16-bit games, this program will help you rediscover them. The installation is an easy and fast operation that will not take you much time and involves unpacking the archive to any desired location on your local drive. Once launched, you are faced with a retro yet straightforward interface that is easy to navigate and unlikely to trouble you.

The GUI consists of a single window and includes two panels, one of which displays the tracks being played, and the other allows you to mute the different channels while playing the selected tune. The tool also displays various track data, including but not limited to system, song, title, artist, download, copyright, and playback, at the top of the user interface. It is worth noting that the application works with a wide range of file formats that can be attributed to vintage consoles.

Why download Audio Overload to Windows?

Suppose you suddenly want to relive for a while the joy and excitement you felt playing various video games on vintage consoles like Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast, or Nintendo Gameboy. In that case, Audio Overload can help you do just that. Audio Overload is a music player for video games that supports 33 video game music formats. It was initially written for the Macintosh but was later ported to Windows and Linux.

The player does not support plugins; the only customization option is muting channels. Like foobar2000, it has a WAV conversion function for all supported formats. As mentioned before, the program contains a panel that lists all the available channels with the track being played.

Consequently, if you are feeling a little creative, you can disable some of them and thus improve the overall sound of the track you are listening to. You can normalize the volume during playback. Such devices include Commodore Amiga, Sam Coupe, Nintendo NES, Sega Saturn, and Bandai WonderSwan. In addition, the utility supports more than 30 music formats that fall into the category mentioned earlier.

  • Plays 33 different video game music file formats
  • Decompresses music stored in 7ZIP
  • LHA
  • RAR and ZIP archives
  • Normalizes track volume and can export tracks to WAV files
  • Can freeze
  • Not fully developed
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