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One of the best App for creating images

The times when everyone used CDs for lack of alternatives had their own charm, because they still evoke pleasant nostalgia in many people. Although information technology has moved on since then, the ability to emulate, copy and burn CDs and DVDs has not disappeared due to programs such as Alcohol 120%.

Alcohol 120% is the new meaning of the word ''multimedia'' and the undoubted leader in its class. The developers of Alcohol Soft know and love their job, because this program is constantly being finalized, updated and improved. We will tell you more about what this program is and what it is capable of in more detail.

Features of the program

First of all, Alcohol 120% allows you to store copies of your most valuable discs on your computer and find them with a single click of the button. With this program, you can quickly and easily transfer information from one disc to another.

Many disc formats

Alcohol 120% allows you to backup CDs and DVDs in any format:

  • CD-R;

  • CD-RW;

  • DVD-R;

  • DVD-RW;

  • DVD-RAM;

  • DVD + RW.

The software also copes with such protection technologies as:

  • LaserLock;

  • SafeDisc;

  • SafeDisc2;

  • SecuROM;

  • SecuROM;

  • StarForce 1.x / 2.x;

  • VOB ProtectCD;

  • ProtectCD v5.

This means you can back up your collection of movies or valuable audio CDs to help protect your media from scratches or any other damage.

31 virtual images

Many users would most appreciate the ability to create virtual drives, of which this program can create up to 31. With their help, previously saved backup copies are played in the form of images without the need to burn them to CD or DVD. Alcohol 120% supports the most popular image formats:

  • Nero (NRG);

  • ISO (.iso, .isz);

  • BlindRead (.bwd);

  • BlindWrite V5 / V6 (.b5t, . b6t);

  • CUE (.cue);

  • CloneCD (.ccd);

  • DiscJuggler (.cdi);

  • Media Descriptor (.mds, .mdx);

  • CD / DVD (.pdi).

Also, one of the main features of Alcohol 120% is that it can be used to recreate access to any disc, including copy-protected.

Protection of recorded images

When creating images, they will not be protected. Alcohol 120% took care of this and protected your valuable images with strong passwords. Despite the fact that the program is full of all kinds of functions, it does not take up much space. Thus, there is not memory overload that allows you not only to work freely in Alcohol 120%, but also to perform other work on your computer in parallel to this one.

When you may need disc images

The main difference between Alcohol 120% and similar programs is the possibility to create the most accurate images of almost any disc.Their creation may be necessary for the following reasons:

  • Laser media is short-lived as well as the period of data storage on them. And it is rather unpleasant when invaluable discs encounter physical damage;

  • If we talk about games and movies then the speed of reading data is very important in this case. Standard CDs/DVDs have a much slower reading speed than a hard drive. So when working with images, both the game and the movie will slow down less;

  • It is possible to save money on physical drives by replacing them with virtual ones. With Alcohol 120% there is no need to equip the whole local network with CD and DVD drives.

As a result, this program allows you to speed up your work, save your licensed discs and save money.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Extended functionality
  • Creation of a large number of virtual drives
  • Protection of recorded images
  • Sometimes it causes difficulties for beginners