Adobe Premiere Rush CC

Adobe Premiere Rush CCfor Windows

By Adobe (Free to try)

Edit great videos quickly, easily, and efficiently

Adobe Premiere Rush is a free, simple video processing program. With this program, you can shoot, edit and distribute quality videos from your computer. Adobe Premiere Rush offers you powerful features for quick video editing. The interface of this video editor is clean and easy to understand. There is a preview window and editing tools on the sidebar. It has all the basic features needed for your videos, so the program is perfect for beginners working with video. All projects are automatically synced through your Adobe account, so you can continue working from the mobile version without wasting time.

Video editing capabilities with Adobe Premiere Rush

  • Speed ​​adjustment. Make videos faster or slower with speed controls.

  • Color correction. Make the overall look of your video better by adjusting the color style or adjusting the shades manually. You can also add the proposed filters for atmospheric.

  • Transitions between frames. Add personalized transitions by clicking and dragging for smooth gluing.

  • Text. Add and edit text on your video. Thanks to a wide choice of built-in styles and fonts, you can work with it.

  • Add audio. Add a melody to the background of your video or voice acting your voice. You can edit audio, add effects, and overlay multiple media tracks.

Optimization for publishing in social media

Here is the Share function, with which you can share your videos from the application on YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, and others. Before publishing, it is possible to add a title, description, tags, and thumbnails.

The greatest uniqueness of the editor is that you can choose the right aspect ratio for each site. If you are preparing a video for posting on Instagram - put it in the settings, and the video will be suitable for a square format. This is a convenient feature because, this way, your subscribers will see the video in the desired format. In addition, the videos will be of higher quality, as social media will not cut the platforms' videos on their own.

Is it worth downloading Adobe Premiere Rush on Windows?

If you often need good videos and you are looking for an easy program for good editing - you should have Adobe Premiere Rush on your computer. This portable program has powerful essential tools to make your videos better. The video editor will be helpful for video content creators, bloggers on social networks, and novice video editors. Video professionals need more editing capabilities, so Premiere Rush is perfect for a start.

Adobe is known for being responsible for the quality of its products. So you can be sure that using the program will be easy, hassle-free, and safe for you and your computer. Regular updates with new features and improvements are also for even more comfortable use.

  • Support 4 video and 3 audio tracks
  • Automatic sound balancingShare easily on social media platforms
  • Syncs to the cloud automatically
  • High minimum requirements
  • Large download file

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