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Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson
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A valuable and feature-rich program

Adobe Bridge CC for Windows gives you centralized access to all the multimedia resources you need for creative projects. You can edit components in batch mode, add watermarks, and even set color parameters centrally. Bridge simplifies your work and helps you maintain order so we will tell you more about this program.

What is this program?

Adobe Bridge CC for Windows is a program for everyone who needs to work with graphic files in large quantities. You can view the contents of folders you are interested in, mark files, or open them in the most appropriate applications for editing. The program allows you to perform many batch operations, such as renaming large numbers of files, viewing metadata, working with keywords, synchronizing the color management system of the entire Creative Suite package, etc. You can start working right now if you have at least Adobe Photoshop. You don't need to install Bridge separately because it appears when you install any application from the Creative Suite.

Primary features

  • Adobe Mini Bridge. Use all the necessary work resources related to the current project with Adobe Mini Bridge (this customizable panel is included in InDesign CS5 and Photoshop CS5). Filter and sort, then drag and drop files into the document;

  • Display related files in InDesign documents. Get quick access to any page layout component by viewing files in InDesign documents through Adobe Bridge CC for Windows;

  • JPEG export. Convert any graphic, image, or document to JPEG format in Adobe Bridge CC. This allows you to share files through websites and galleries, email, etc.;

  • Resize pictures and use watermarks in PDF for web galleries. Creating web galleries is even more convenient now. You can add watermarks to PDF files, resize images, and display file names in HTML and SWF galleries with a single click;

  • Preview contents for mobile devices using Adobe Device Central. Access Device Central from the Adobe Bridge CC application to preview, test, and optimize images, animations, videos, and other content on various devices, from mobile phones and game consoles to TV screens;

  • More flexible batch renaming feature. Rename groups of files using the updated batch rename dialogue window. Create preset styles, use the Find and Replace command, and customize the dialogue window by dragging and dropping fields;

  • The ability to drag and drop resources between applications. Just place Illustrator files into InDesign layouts, create new smart objects in Photoshop, and perform many other operations by dragging and dropping files between Adobe Bridge CC, Adobe Mini Bridge, and other Creative Suite components;

  • Editable Path panel. Navigating through folders is even easier now due to an improved navigation bar;

  • Centralized color settings. Set color settings on the centralized Adobe Bridge CC panel to ensure accurate color matching across projects and files. This set of options controls color settings in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Acrobat, so the colors on the screen are almost the same when you work in any Creative Suite component.


Adobe Bridge CC is an organizational program to link parts of Creative Cloud together, using an interface similar to the file manager from earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop. It is available from almost all other Creative Cloud applications. Adobe Bridge CC simplifies your work and helps you maintain order. The program gives you centralized access to all the multimedia resources you need for your creative projects. You can edit components in batch mode, edit digital images in RAW format, work with XMP and IPTC formats, add watermarks, rate images, set color parameters centrally, and even work with different file versions.

Image files can be presented as previews of various sizes, slideshows, or lists. Each labeled folder has a cache file to speed up image rendering time when viewing previews. The cache can be located in one central location or in different folders. The features of Adobe Bridge CC can be extended by using JavaScript.

  • Easy management of creative assets
  • Integrates with Creative Cloud
  • Customizable user interface
  • Can do batch processing
  • High system requirements
  • Can crash if left out for too long
  • Difficult to master for beginners

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