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A popular tool to open PDF files

Adobe Reader DC is the latest version of the widely used product that supports multiple platforms. Adobe Acrobat is an organization of Web services and application software designed by Adobe Systems Incorporated to view, edit, create, print, and manipulate documents in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Why is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC so popular?

This format is the most widely supported digital document format today. This is because of its ability to be read from almost all operating systems.

Adobe Reader is a product that can be downloaded from our website. The reader works with Adobe Acrobat 3.0. There are several versions of this product available on the market today. These versions can be used as an alone stand application or other applications to help them work together.

One thing that distinguishes the reader from the previous versions of this software is that it offers extra features for users' convenience. For instance, users can now choose to import text and graphics files. This feature helps users to save a lot of time when creating documents.

Users can also set up their computers to use the Internet directly from the user's web browser.

Adobe Reader's key aspects

A user can also edit any file in the reader. They can make minor changes to an existing document, create new PDF files, or import an image or graphic. Even applications allow a user to convert one format into another. This makes the reader very useful for students who wish to study a subject in two different forms. The document can be imported into the editor from one program and converted into another.

Adobe Reader has:

  • Simple interface.

  • Zooming, text selection, printing, adding bookmarks, etc.

  • Quickly search for and to recover a PDF document.

  • Highly customizable.

Adobe Reader specifications

It should be noted that there are different levels of Document Scanning. The first level is Basic, while the second level is known as Advanced. If a document is scanned to this level, it will have an error-free format, and the information contained in the paper is always reliable. It means that the data will not change once it is scanned.

Document scanning is not limited to documents alone - the app can also scan other PDF documents. The document editor can be configured for creating, editing, and organizing PDFs. This allows users to manage documents in different ways.

Adobe Reader features

Adobe Reader is an essential app for working with PDFs. You can read the files, and with the premium version, users can convert them to Microsoft Word or Excel. You can sign them, share notes and edits, and organize your files.

Through Adobe Reader, you can also add a 'stamp' to your PDF. This tool lets you choose from a palette of options. Also, you can create your custom stamp. It is the most excellent way to certify documents.

Users can also add digital certificates to PDFs and customize the encryption, ensuring only the intended recipient can read.

The program is packed with:

  • Zoom.

  • The page's rotation.

  • Night reading mode.

  • Quick snapshots.

Adobe Reader security

Adobe Reader has essential security features that are specific to Adobe Corporation. The company needs to prevent Internet espionage from using PDF files to send malicious codes to PCs. The Options section has a security menu to help send malicious programs with viruses into isolation. It turns out that the program protects confidential information.

Fixing some common bugs in Adobe Reader

Listed here are common bugs in Adobe Reader that you can quickly fix.

Opening PDFs through Adobe Reader

When PDF files are displayed as links to be clicked, you can save the files to your desktop and open them directly. Loading the file is a quick solution to get you started without further troubleshooting.

Right-click the PDF file link - and choose the appropriate save/download option. Make sure the file type is Adobe Reader Document - save the file. Now find the saved PDF file and click on it twice to open it.

Updating Adobe Reader

Adobe releases security updates to Adobe Reader regularly. The latest update patch will most likely eliminate conflicting situations in your PC system/browser.

Open Adobe Reader - select Help - Check for updates.

Repair Adobe Reader  

If Adobe Reader is corrupted, you should restore the installation.

Click Help - choose to restore Adobe Reader installation.

Enable Adobe PDF plug-in

  1. Choose Tools - Manage add-ons.

  2. A Show popup menu will appear, where we select All add-ons.

  3. See the Adobe add-ons section, where you choose Adobe PDF Reader.

  4. Is Adobe PDF Reader disabled? Then click the Enable button.


The free Adobe Reader works like a PDF reader. Thanks to it, you can view files. The program has the most potent effect when combined with other Adobe programs. It is a tool that lets users simultaneously view and handle all PDF content, especially images, emails, spreadsheets, videos, etc.

  • Low weight
  • Useful basic functions
  • Practical editing tools
  • There is a particular function for visually impaired users
  • No documentation
  • No import of data from cloud programs
  • No password protection
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