18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin’

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Crystal Brooks
Crystal Brooks
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Interesting and meditative gameplay

The vast expanses of the United States and Canada are braided with a network of highways and freeways. Like the circulatory system in the human body, these roads connect the vital centers of the countries. Life flows through them as tons of goods move from city to city.

Huge trucks are a powerful economic pulling force, and the delivery of goods is a lucrative business for intelligent people in the industry. However, the smoothly running mechanism of the goods traffic still has a place for romance and the selfless brotherhood of real men.

In 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin', you can feel like a manager who scrupulously makes a business plan and a trucker who sees an indescribably beautiful sunset from the cockpit of a giant truck with eighteen wheels. We will tell you more about this game.

What is this game?

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' is a sequel to the same-name arcade racing series released in 2006. Here you are the owner of a small transport company. You are the boss, so you don't have to report to anyone. However, you have to take orders for the transportation of goods from customers and do everything to deliver the cargo faster than your competitors.


In 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin', you have to manage money streams and optimize all business processes so that a small company thrives and grows into a vast transport empire. You can't just easily achieve your goal because the cops are watching everything closely. There are also stations everywhere that control the weight being transported. The roads are also far from safe.

You start by choosing the difficulty. The choice of the problem determines the initial amount of money, the debt in the bank (if any), your truck's behavior and complexity, and your vehicle's brand. You are an ordinary truck driver who transports different goods throughout the United States and Canada. Gaining experience and saving money will help you become a successful entrepreneur, open your own shop, hire truck drivers, buy trucks, make deals with companies, take loans from banks, rent offices and garages, and more.

18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' differs from other parts of the game by an enlarged map, three difficulty levels affecting gameplay, and a lack of competitors. However, some free drivers can help you develop your monopoly on trucking.

Atmosphere and visuals

In 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin', there is an incredibly designed exterior world. The graphics are weak, but it does not spoil the overall impression. You should try to get your cargo to the correct city at the right time, but you feel completely comfortable and get much pleasure from traveling.

All roads and cities in the United States are now available to you. The ability to open Canada and Mexico is also included. The "N" key opens the trucker menu, where you can go to the map and have the necessary names of roads, designations of gas stations, companies, hotels, parking lots, services, borders, etc.

The weather is also well-thought-out and has its intelligence. Sometimes you are overwhelmed with emotion when you are under a thunderstorm and strong rain storm, rushing along the highway at the speed limit for a truck. Wipers are desperately trying to help you with cleaning the windshield. At such a moment, you feel all the emotions of distant transportation that real truck drivers experience daily.

The road, warning signs, and traffic controllers are developed well. You have to stick to the minimum speed, pay attention to traffic lights and road signs, and know the rules of the road.

What's great about this game?

This game is quite diverse in the transportation of goods. You can become a real truck driver by trying out each of the 35 available vehicles and taking care of management and logistics strategy to promote your business.

Each of the 45 cargo types requires adherence to specific trucking rules, so you should be extremely careful on American roads where accidents can happen. Compliance with the traffic rules leads to the successful delivery of goods to the specified location without the risk of being fined by the police.

Exemplary graphic implementation, dynamic change of time, and variable weather conditions set the tone for the entire atmosphere of the real life of a truck driver. Small details like the radio inside the cab make the gameplay more realistic. Remember not to mess with the bandits. Good luck on the road!

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Low system requirements
  • Large choice of vehicles
  • Outdated graphics