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Great app for programming

XAMPP is a cross-platform local web server build containing Apache, MariaDB, a PHP script interpreter, the Perl programming language, and many additional libraries to run an entire web server. XAMPP works with all 32-bit Microsoft operating systems, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris. The program is freely distributed under the GNU General Public License and is an accessible, easy-to-use web server capable of serving dynamic pages. The number of XAMPP packages downloaded in October 2008 was 775064 (33280 GB). Currently, camp is one of the best web server builds. With this build, you can quickly deploy a complete and fast web server on your computer.

Requirements and Features

XAMPP requires only a single zip, tar, or exe file to install, and the program components require no configuration. The program is regularly updated to include the latest Apache/MySQL/PHP and Perl versions. XAMPP also comes with many other modules, including OpenSSL and phpMyAdmin.

The program's user interface is so simple that it has been called a "lazy man's WAMP/LAMP installation ."Installation of XAMPP takes less time than the installation of each component separately. This web server is distributed in total, standard, and reduced (known as XAMPP Lite) versions. All additional modules are also available for download. The company also releases update packages in the form of zipping, 7-zip, tar, or exe, which allow you to update all components from one version of the XAMPP build to a newer one.

Is it safe to use XAMPP?

XAMPP can become insecure when used as a production server. Your personal information becomes vulnerable to attack when you use XAMPP to connect servers to the Internet. You should install all the packages separately to create a secure production server. You will want to perform all the steps to optimize your privacy since XAMPP bypasses some processes. XAMPP can be used as a production server because the software includes full versions of Apache web server, MariaDB database, PHP, and Perl scripting languages.


XAMPP was created as a developer tool, allowing web designers and programmers to test their work without using the Internet. The program also supports the creation and management of MySQL and SQLite databases. Some features and security settings are disabled by default for ease of use, and in general, XAMPP is only recommended for use in very friendly environments. However, XAMPP is sometimes used on the World Wide Web as well. XAMPP can be used to install your copy of Wikipedia on your computer.

Why download XAMPP for Mac?

You can click the 'Config' button next to each module to configure the servers. All the code will appear in a separate window for you to edit, depending on your chosen file. The Bitnami installer allows you to optimize the user experience with additional modules. Bitnami module utilities are used for e-commerce, e-learning, etc. The current version of the software is located at the top of the user interface. On the official XAMPP website, you can find a description of the released versions. The developers are constantly working on updating the software with new updates. XAMPP makes it easy for you to improve your development skills.

  • User-friendly package
  • Open Source
  • Cross-platform
  • Intuitive design
  • Optimal for practice
  • Not safe to use as a production server
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