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The best space sandbox

Universe Sandbox 2 for Mac is a solar system sandbox simulator. This is an excellent educational tool where the player can change almost any parameter of the solar system. This approach demonstrates how balanced our solar system is. What would happen to the Earth if the Moon were removed? What if the Sun goes out? How would our planet behave if you changed its orbit? What if you push the asteroid Apophis into the Earth?

This game allows you to simulate hundreds of different scenarios and observe them visually. You can understand many physical principles quickly and have a lot of fun doing them.

What is this game?

Universe Sandbox 2 is an interactive sandbox to control gravity and other physics laws at the universe's scale. This realistic physics simulator allows you to change the universe as you like. Players get many ready-made scenarios or create their own, changing hundreds of different parameters.

Game features

Universe Sandbox 2 for Mac is an attempt to create a kind of sandbox simulator of our solar system. You can feel like a God, pushing the Moon against the Earth and watching what happens. You can change the orbits of the planets, increase their rotation speeds, change the climate, tilt the axis, etc. Each change has exciting consequences.

Universe Sandbox 2 can be a great educational tool because you can visually learn the characteristics of the solar system, change various parameters, and see how they affect the planet. In addition to the worlds, the game has thousands of unique asteroids, meteorites, and comets. They can easily collide with the planets.

The game allows you to feel like a god in the universe as you can simulate and modify many things and then see what comes of it due to realistic space physics. First, you can modify the laws of gravity and change different parameters, such as the mass and density of space bodies, their direction of movement, and much more.

It is possible to manipulate planets and stars and even collide entire galaxies with each other. For example, you can collide the Earth with the Moon or shoot a meteorite that killed the dinosaurs and see what happens. You can also increase the Sun's mass, leading to significant consequences. The game has a high-quality physics simulator and elaborate graphics with impressive special effects with collisions of massive cosmic bodies.

What's great about this game?

  • You can create cosmic space and impact it as you like;

  • It is possible to develop planets, galaxies, and star systems and point meteorites at planets or planets to each other;

  • The cosmos reacts to all created objects and events that occur in it;

  • The realism of Universe Sandbox 2 for Mac allows you to enjoy your actions fully.

Who would like this game?

Universe Sandbox 2 is primarily aimed at interested gamers because they would find out what would happen to the solar system if the Sun went out or the Earth collided with the asteroid Apophis (there is a real threat of collision with this asteroid). The game is not designed for one evening. It allows you to simulate different situations. You can create your systems of other planets and even simulate black matter and holes. All of this is backed up by incredible graphics and realistic physics.

The game has a vast, realistic universe with galaxies and star systems. You can consider and modify the solar system with well-known planets, from Mercury to Pluto.

You can find out the mass of a planet and change it, change the orbit of each planet, and even mix or swap anything. The game allows you to create your own systems or even galaxies. For example, you can replace the worlds with soccer balls or basketballs or collide two galaxies and watch this beautiful and spectacular process.

The game is designed for more experienced and curious gamers, not for the average player. It requires in-depth studying and consideration.

You can create the moment of the birth and death of a star and see the detailed process. All planets, stars, and other cosmic bodies behave according to Newtonian physics laws.

If you get pretty bored composing your galaxies and systems, you can create a pool table with planets and stars as the balls. Due to realistic physics, they will incredibly fly in different directions.

Universe Sandbox 2 for Mac also allows you to create many global disasters. You can simulate the collision of the asteroid with the Earth and see what would happen if nothing is done. You can also see how the solar system would look without the Sun.

  • Create multiple universes
  • Realistic visuals
  • A strong community
  • Regular updates
  • Occasional bugs

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