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One of the most famous Bible Study Software

TheWord is a free computer program from the Bible Study Software category. Its first versions date back to 2003. Costas Stergiou is the developer of this program.

As seen in the logo, the name of the program comes from the first words of the Gospel of John "In the beginning was The Word." The software is available for Mac, so that we will tell you more about it.

What is this program used for?

TheWord can be used for various tasks in the religious area, from studying and teaching to creating author's materials. Unlike most similar programs, TheWord is a convenient platform for accumulating multiple text and graphical information. Over 200 modules, such as translations of Bibles, books, manuals, atlases, and commentaries, are available on the official website. However, an amateur "industry" has formed around the program to produce modules, so the number of materials available for download from third-party sites is much more comprehensive.

TheWord for Mac is primarily used for the following purposes:

  • Parallel comparison of Bible texts;

  • Creating a personal reference system that requires citation work;

  • Creating private libraries of specialized literature with a volume of up to 5,000 books;

  • The features of the program may be interesting for linguists who need to search for rare or obscure words in dictionary databases (as well as words with undefined linguistic affiliation);

  • The program has a highly-structured library, user-friendly interface, and easy and quick access to necessary books and texts with the ability to make notes, edits, and links to the needed articles;

  • The ability to search for materials in encyclopedic articles.

The following nuances should be mentioned:

  • These features depend not on the program but on the number of available materials or the difficulties related to the workspace of TheWord. For example, searching in scanned dictionaries and encyclopedias requires manually signing the tables of contents;

  • Many encyclopedias require SSD to accelerate search because the program does not have a single module to connect all the databases and send the query to all the specified modules, groups of modules, or directories by sequence. However, the question will be displayed in a single window with the ability to preview the content with a cursor and quickly jump to the found material;

  • TheWord offers a versatile database management shell. It also has additional abilities for researching Bible texts.

The program allows you to create and catalog textual materials of any theme. Many dictionaries and reference encyclopedic materials with non-religious topics were created for TheWord as the religious-oriented platform. They can be helpful for translators, scientists, technical specialists, and people with particular hobbies.

Primary features

TheWord for Mac has the following features:

  • Quick search. This feature allows you to specify words and send them to the dictionary search via the context menu;

  • Search for topics in the module when typing with automatic result filtering mode. For example, if you type "word," the window displays all the headings where this word can be met. The remaining headings in the dictionary are hidden (filtered) automatically;

  • The material collects groups of topics in search results;

  • Full-text search in dictionaries and books;

  • Flexible creation of search sets from reference and encyclopedic materials;

  • Quick searching for book modules by any data from its title;

  • Compression of book-type modules, such as books, dictionaries, atlases, comments, etc.;

  • Support for the creation of your own Bible modules, general books, atlases, dictionaries, and comments;

  • A customizable multi-language user interface;

  • Flexible replacement, saving, and restoration of the workspace (organizing windows and toolbars);

  • A large amount of reference information to the text of the Bible from databases is displayed on pop-up windows;

  • The extensive linguistic analysis of biblical texts;

  • The ability to translate words by pointing;

  • Bible text comparison mode;

  • Advanced formatting of Bible verses when copying;

  • Verse copying using multiple Bible translations at once;

  • Support for cross-references, footnotes, and notes.


TheWord for Mac has all the necessary functions for working and navigation, including hotkeys. The most common of them are:

  • CTRL+SHIFT+L: reloads a language file (it is convenient when making changes to the localization as you don't need to restart the program);

  • CTRL+SHIFT+S: updates the last used desktop;

  • CTRL+SHIFT+U: opens and closes a module;

  • CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D: deletes a module topic without warning;

  • CTRL+SHIFT: automatically detects links to Bible verses in the current window;

  • CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Insert: shows a line number hint to the present Bible verse;

  • CTRL+SHIFT+R: reloads a Bible module file (it is convenient when making changes as you don't need to restart the program). It can be changed using the property (default value is 86; it corresponds to the ASCII "R" value);

  • CTRL + numbers from 0 to 9: moves to the corresponding number of bookmarks panel (this key combination does not work on numeric keyboards);

  • Right click: controls pop-ups and keeps them from closing.


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