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Get remote access to any device

TeamViewer is a platform for remote connections. The corporation provides protected access to any device from anywhere. You do not have to be near the device to access it. You can do it millions of miles away.

For what purposes can I use TeamViewer?

You can use TeamViewer to connect to computers, smartphones, servers, apparatuses, robots, etc. It also has additional features such as sharing documents directly from its interface, recording sessions, scheduling meetings, communicating with other users, and more.

How to use TeamViewer?

  1. Download and install TeamViewer on Mac.
  2. You must also install TeamViewer on the device you want to access. It can be another computer, a mobile device, or even a cash register terminal.
  3. Enter the ID and password of the other device on the Mac.
  4. Connect and use the remote device in real-time, as if you were physically present there


TeamViewer offers built-in security systems, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and other advanced security systems. The remote support tool comes with Secure Remote Protocol, which adds password encryption to save you from the risk of a hacking session finally. It complies with the general data protection regulations.

Remote support

Provide prompt remote support to customers and employees in the event of a technical failure. Instead of spending time and money on customer visits, IT professionals use TeamViewer to quickly and remotely support their customers. Or help your friends and relatives use technology remotely.

Transfer files between computers

You can also use this program to share files between computers. It can be music, videos, or images. You can also record the entire exchange. You also can have a video conference or team collaborate with TeamViewer Meeting. It is best to use this feature when accessing technical assistance.

Are there any particular features in use?

Make sure your Internet is stable when you use it for business. Performance depends on Internet bandwidth on both sides. If one of the parties has a delayed connection, it affects everyone. Another drawback is that people cannot transfer downloaded software, such as computer games, while using TeamViewer.

The most satisfactory cross-platform solution

Control any device in the world from your Mac. Compatible with most Internet of Things devices and platforms, operating systems, and devices from 127 manufacturers. TeamViewer collaborates with the global quality control company Qualitest, which evaluates technical capabilities. This company has repeatedly shown that TeamViewer has the best performance in its category regarding usability, image quality, and file transfer speed.

How about support?

The TeamViewer team supports both paid and free plans. In the paid tariff, the possibilities of assistance are much more significant. But in the free version, you only have access to the knowledge center, community forum, and e-mail. There are also telephone support services, but only in a few countries.

Should I download TeamViewer?

If you are looking for an application that will give you access to remote devices, you should download TeamViewer. It is comfortable to use for the shared screen, video conferencing, and file sharing.

If you need this program for personal use - all its features are absolutely free.

If for commercial use - you will need to buy a paid version, which will be profitable only for large enterprises. However, it offers high-quality security features that you won't get in other free remote access tools.

  • Available for free to non-commercial users
  • Supports an unlimited number of cross-platform gadgets
  • Built-in video conferencing implement
  • Decisive high-end features
  • Steadfast security system
  • Fast support assistance
  • Easy to use
  • There are many languages ​​available for use
  • The software can run a business and you will have to pay
  • Requires speedy Internet on both devices
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