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Millions of years of evolution in one game

Would you like to create a living organism and go through all stages of evolution from a primitive cell to a rational being conquering the boundless space? The players of Spore for Mac have long enjoyed this opportunity. We will tell you more about this unique masterpiece with fundamentally new gameplay if you have never heard about it.

What is this game?

You have never seen such a simulator as Spore yet. This fantastic project, developed by the famous Maxis studio, allows the gamers to go from a cell to a planet colonizer.


The developers designed an open world depicting the full evolution process. The player begins his journey with the primitive single-celled bacteria, traveling through the prehistoric ocean. The environment changes with every new level: new locations open up, and the first animals, plants, and people appear. Then you can see the development of stages of humanity: from science, wars, and technologies to space exploration. The player determines what their character will look like. This can be done with the help of eight special editors, where you can customize the type and shape of your creature.


The goal of this game is to continue development. At the first level, the character has to consume less evolved microorganisms. When there is enough DNA material, the creature looks for other food for a living. The entire gameplay is divided into 5 stages with their features and different tricks.

Cell Stage

It begins with the simplest organism needed to be nourished to grow and develop. This stage is called the Cell Stage. This stage also determines whether your species becomes a peaceful herbivore, a carnivore, or an omnivore, adapting to the outside world and surviving in all conditions.

Creature Stage

Next comes the Creature Stage. The cell is evolved and can move onto land. Now the creature needs to evolve further, taking care of food and contacting its kind. You can contact it either peacefully or hostitely. Different evolutionary modifications for your species are available depending on your behavior. At this stage, you can change your creature's appearance for practical purposes. For example, large claws allow you to look formidable and increase damage to enemies.

Tribal Stage

The gamer gets the entire squad of creatures who have to learn how to use weapons and get clothes. Clothing plays a vital role because it affects the characteristics of creatures. It is also essential to take care of the food for the tribe.

Civilization Stage

The next stage is the Civilization Stage. Now you have to contact other tribes. It can be done differently: to try to make friends or destroy. Gamers have various vehicles at their disposal.

Space Stage

The final stage is the Space Stage. After building a ship, the creatures go into space, colonizing different planets, fighting, and trying to contact alien races. Many practical features are available at this stage, such as terraforming a world to create your desired climate.

What can you do in this game?

Spore for Mac has various curious features, and we will tell you about them:

  • Evolve from a single-celled organism to the Master of the universe. Maxis Studio made this process exciting, varied, and fun;

  • Create a dream world. The appearance of creatures, architecture, the vector of science, and much more depend only on you;

  • The gameplay is global but user-friendly and straightforward, so passing all the stages of evolution with your creature is a real pleasure;

  • You can decide what relationships to build with other tribes and civilizations and whether to help your neighbors in development or make their situation worse;

  • There are many civilizations created by gamers worldwide. The ability to contact other Creators makes the Spore project even more fascinating;

  • There is a Sporepedia, a unique encyclopedia where you can find answers to all your questions about this unique virtual world.

  • Original concept
  • Revolutionary for its time
  • Great online community
  • Technically impressive for an older game
  • Fun to create creatures
  • Quite short
  • Not challenging or engaging
  • No free trial
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