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The legendary city-building simulator

You have probably dreamed of becoming a mayor of a city and building it to your taste. SimCity for Mac allows you to realize your dream, and we will tell you more about this game.

What is this game?

SimCity is a city-building simulator also available for Mac. The game idea is to give a player a plot of land to build it up and turn it into a prosperous metropolis. Like in real life, you can build amusement parks, zoos, residential areas, industrial zones, business parks, infrastructure, and much more.

What's new?

The latest SimCity version was released in 2013. From that moment on, the developers created many useful game features, but SimCity's basic idea and gameplay mechanisms remained the same. You will have to keep an eye on the needs of the people, consider the system of road junctions, develop various sectors of industry and energy, and eliminate local accidents at factories. Of course, sometimes your bank account will be disappointing. The same goes for the number of remaining resources needed to construct new buildings and develop the city and population growth.


In addition to the city construction, there is a strong emphasis on the distribution of the resources under the player's control. First, you build the roads and form the infrastructure base by placing power, water, and sewage sources. Then you delimit the building zones by determining the location of residential areas, commercial sectors, and industrial zones. The territory is built up without the player's participation.

You have to make quick decisions: get the fire trucks to the fire zone in time, or order a police escort from your neighbors. But resources for all these things run out quickly, so you need to strike a balance between expenses and sources of income, such as taxes and trade. Maintaining a prosperous regional economy cannot be learned during the first few hours of play.


Graphics have been improved in the new version of SimCity, becoming detailed and supporting real 3D. You can zoom in on the camera, find out the «thoughts» of pedestrians walking through the streets, or track a truck's route. The attention to detail is impressive. Of course, these graphics look outdated, but it still pleases the eye and retains the signature style of legendary simulators from Maxis.

New engine

SimCity uses a three-dimensional technological foundation – the GlassBox engine taking the simulation of life in a huge metropolis to a new quality level, as well as adding curved roads to the game (a revolutionary innovation at the time of the game release). Now your every action will be reflected in all aspects of the virtual world, from the Sims with their models of behavior to the natural landscapes surrounding the city.


There are also various social tricks and an entirely multiplayer, allowing the users to compete for the title of the best city manager in the region or build civilization jointly, sharing resources and helping a neighbor in need. A leaderboard is included.

Primary game features

SimCity for Mac has the following features and benefits:

  • Building Mega Towers. A Mega Tower can become a city within a city because its residents don't even have to go outside – everything they need is located inside;

  • Science development. Scientific research opens access to the latest technology for building a new eco-friendly society. However, be careful with this because there is a risk of being attacked by mega robots;

  • Take care of the space of each inhabitant. The longer you play, the more new inhabitants appear, and the population density can reach a catastrophic point. Whether you can cope with the complaints whether you can solve the overpopulation problem depends only on you;

  • City specializations unlock during the play. The new fields will allow you to build two different cities. One city is an ecological utopia where everything is clean and cozy. Another city is a whole corporation where the environment does not matter much. SimCity gives you complete freedom of choice;

  • The ability to change the world. You can watch how your city transforms, becoming more modern with various technologies and features, such as robots doing almost all the work, futuristic-looking cars, and many skyscraper stores.

We should also mention the disadvantage — the game can keep you interested for a long time due to its excitement and thoughtfulness. So try to balance the virtual world with the real one.

  • Very detailed
  • Superb absorbing gameplay
  • Single and multiplayer mode
  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • It must always be online to play
  • Not as much fun in single-player mode
  • Initial launch may be prone to various bugs

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