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Creating visual novels is easy and fun

Visual novels are a genre of computer games where the story is told with pictures and text. The game may have music, sound effects, and sometimes even the characters' voiceover, but the text and illustrations are essential in games of this genre. In these games, the emphasis is on the plot and variability, so you can create them on your own if you have an exciting idea and a high-quality constructor, such as Ren'Py for Mac.

We will tell you more about what this program is and what features it has.

What is this program?

Ren'Py is a free and open-source engine for creating visual novels. It supports images, audio, videos, and fonts in standard formats. It is standardly configured so that any beginner can easily understand it and create their own game. The program has many visual effects for transitions between scenes. It supports the transformation and animation of sprites with various superimposed products. Everyone can view the source code of the project.

What is this program used for?

Ren'Py is a visual engine that helps you use words, images, and sounds to tell interactive stories on computers and mobile devices. These can be graphic novels and simulation games. The easy-to-learn scripting language allows anyone to write great visual novels efficiently, while Python scripting is sufficient for complex simulation games. Ren'Py is open-source and free for commercial use.

Who should install this program?

Creating simple games in this builder is simple and available to anyone. However, you must learn and apply Python scripting for more complex games.

There is the ability to create original manga, including the connection of video and the use of various special effects on the engine. You can also connect mini-games and parameter-counting systems to complicate the gameplay, so knowledge of Python is required. By default, Ren'Py for Mac is already set up to create a typical game of the visual novel genre with menus, saving features, simple animation functions, and music. The author needs to add pictures and write the text. In this case, no knowledge of the basics of programming is required.

Graphics and the quality of the game created by this builder depend more on the author's drawing skills. The engine supports many languages due to working with Unicode.


Ren'Py for Mac includes all the features the player expects from visual novels by default. You can disable them if you want, but each new game will have the following:

  • The main menu, displayed before the game starts;

  • The game menu for loading, saving, and configuring;

  • A choice between full-screen and windowed modes;

  • Independent adjustment of music, sounds, and voices;

  • The ability to scroll through text with a limit on what has already been passed;

  • Automatic scrolling of text at any speed with large text remaining on the screen longer;

  • The ability to hide text so the player can see the background;

  • Rewind to previous screens where the player can make a different choice;

  • Preloading of background images, speeding up their displaying.

Game developers have many options to customize Ren'Py to suit their games:

  • Displaying text in NVL mode where multiple paragraphs of text are displayed simultaneously;

  • Changing the appearance of the menu with themes;

  • Styles are used to customize the appearance of the game in detail;

  • You can change the font, size, color, and appearance. Text tags allow you to apply these properties to individual blocks of text.

Support for multiple file formats

Ren'Py supports the following file formats:

  • Images: JPEG/JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF;

  • Sound: OGG Vorbis, WAV (uncompressed PCM only), MP3, and MP2;

  • Video: Theora, MPEG 4, MPEG 2, and MPEG 1.

Ren'Py also supports TrueType fonts and some image-based fonts. The engine packs all the resources into an RPA archive file to prevent accidental viewing by the player and protect them against spoilers.


Ren'Py for Mac is a builder for creating visual novels, date simulators, and other games emphasizing textual and audio-visual content. The engine uses scripting syntax to turn the creation of simple games into uncomplicated work while remaining flexible and providing vast opportunities for experienced authors.

The program has various features expected in every visual novel, such as save-load, access to different game settings, and rewinding. It is a good choice for novice developers. However, it can make the game more flexible and add features to it that are not provided by a standard interface due to support for the Python programming language.

If you know this language, nothing prevents you from creating a true masterpiece (many of them have been made on this engine).

This is a well-known program designed to create personal graphic novels. A large percentage of all representatives of the genre are made with this designer.

You can enjoy the impressive range of available features, learn how to use the Python scripting language, plug in special plugins that allow you to use videos and all sorts of effects, arrange mini-games, work with the so-called "game logic," and take part in personalizing any aspect of your future brainchild, from the menu to the saving function.

  • Free to use
  • Very easy-to-use
  • Cross-platform
  • Support for Python scripts
  • The scope of stories is rather limited
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