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Portal 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the popular game. Valve Corporation has created a new story taking place many years after the end of the events of the original Portal. A girl named Chell wakes up in the same research center, but it begins to collapse. In the beginning, Portal 2 does not excite players because it resembles the first part, but the game changes beyond recognition once you go a little further.

There are many changes compared to the first part, but the developer doesn't demonstrate them all at once but introduces them gradually. The levels are designed perfectly; they are tricky and provoke interest and the desire to strain your brain.

The game principle

The entire game is built on the use of a unique device for creating portals. Using them, the player can travel to places almost impossible to reach in the usual way. The plot of Portal 2 continues after the events of the first part and brings you to the same ruined lab for portal research. Chell is still the protagonist, and GLaDOS is the main antagonist of Portal 2. The game is based on their confrontation. Portal 2 also has a cooperative mode and a separate storyline.


In Portal 2 for Mac, Chell is still an experiment of the corporation. At that exact moment, you are introduced to the robot Whitley. This character is very charismatic and funny. Its jokes are hilarious, and you will get upset when the plot requires you to part with it. The Valve developers did a great job on the animation, including the movement and facial expressions of heroes and secondary characters. The atmosphere is worth a special mention. Gamers feel like they are really in the rooms and complex, created by an evil artificial intelligence.


The basic gameplay remains the same as in the first part. The player needs to use two portals: the entrance and the exit. The physics is also good. For example, if the player breaks into the first portal from a height, they fly out from the second portal like a bullet into another part of the level. There are also new options, such as four types of gels: repulsion, propulsion, conversion, and cleansing. Each of them generates unique game situations, and the puzzles with them are a total delight.

The developers are slowly introducing gamers to the game, making it more difficult. The entire gameplay is the following: the character enters the room of location, observes the puzzle pieces, and gets lost in guesses. Time must pass before the combination is solved. You realize that logic is the art of coming to an unpredictable solution.

Additional mechanics

The propulsion gel speeds up the gamer; the conversion gel makes it possible to create a portal on a surface not intended for it. The repulsion gel adds the jumping ability and allows you to jump on platforms inaccessible without it. The Excursion Funnel is a new way to move in space both for the player and for objects. Hard Light Bridges are artificial obstacles for objects or turret shots. In addition to the repulsion gel, the player will encounter the Aerial Faith Plate, a technology capable of tossing the player and things with even greater force. Several new cubes also make gameplay versatile. You will have to catch some, as they can move, and use the others to fight against Thermal Discouragement Beams.

Game features

Portal 2 for Mac has the following features:

  • Awesome development of the plot and characters;

  • The variability of situations. They are not repeated in the game, so you have to adjust;

  • The complexity grows smoothly;

  • Great voice acting;

  • Low system requirements;

  • Separate joint campaign;

  • Unforgettable soundtracks.

The game is more interesting, funny, and versatile than the first part, but you can meet some familiar locations and characters. It is a brand new project with many innovations and features. The graphics are pleasant, despite the engine being created back in 2004. Portal 2 principle, design, and storyline still attract even those far from computer games.


Portal 2 for Mac is the same addictive puzzle game but with more dynamic gameplay. You will solve various puzzles again, learn about the plot, and look for solutions to different problems. The game has improved graphics and gameplay, taking you twice as much time to pass the puzzle. Otherwise, you will find references for the first part of the game, from the interiors to some of the enemies. Now the danger level will heat up to the point where almost every step will be a trap. But it would be best if you didn't give up. Only resilience, self-confidence, and ingenuity will help you to prevail in this challenging confrontation. Good luck!

  • Incredible puzzle design
  • Fantastic story and writing
  • Looks fantastic
  • None

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