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Work with XPS with pleasure

Not many programs for macOS-based devices can work with XPS files conveniently. They are usually obscure files with inferior functionality. Fortunately, NiXPS View is high-quality Mac software with all the necessary functionality, a user-friendly interface, and support for user scripts. We will tell you more about it.

Primary features of the XPS format

The XPS file format (NiXPS View for Mac works with it) is based on the XML programming language. There are several official utilities on the list of available utilities for viewing XPS documents. Microsoft XPS Viewer (opens the required file format in Windows Vista) and the Nuance PDF Converter Professional viewer and converter are some of them.

Another application called XPS Essentials Pack is also popular among computer owners. It opens the xps-document resolution in the Windows XP operating system. The above programs can open a file, change its content, and view, sign, and edit XPS files.


NiXPS View for Mac has a somewhat familiar interface for computer programs. The working area occupies a large part of the window, and special menu items are located at the top:

  • File. This menu item allows you to select, open, and save a file located in the file directory of your device;

  • Edit. This menu item allows you to edit a file;

  • View. This menu is responsible for setting up the user interface. In this program, XPS files can be presented as several pages of content. The items contained in this menu allow the user to interact with them and customize the navigation easily;

  • Scripts. NiXPS View can add custom JS scripts. This menu is used to create scripts, edit them, delete, and load them from a file;

  • Help. This menu item allows the user to enter the license key, check for program updates, and find the current version. This usual system menu is included in many programs on Windows.


If you plan to collaborate on a document and want to leave important notes for your colleagues, the note-taking feature included in NiXPS View for Mac will be handy for you. NiXPS View for Mac allows you to add notes that will help you remember important details without missing anything.

Working with scripts

If the list of standard features is not enough for you, you can supplement it with custom scripts if you know the JavaScript programming language. This feature dramatically increases your ability to work with XPS files.

Editing text

Getting distracted and making mistakes when working with text documents is easy. If you're working on important documents, it can lead to unpleasant consequences. Fortunately, NiXPS View for Mac has built-in algorithms to detect and correct errors quickly. Due to this feature, you can concentrate on your work without worrying about possible mistakes.

Working with PDF

Everyone probably knows about the PDF format. You may have seen documents, books, and other textual and visual content framed in this digital format. NiXPS View for Mac allows you to convert XPS to PDF without using a printer driver. Moreover, the program guarantees high quality when converting these file formats.

  • The improved user interface
  • Availability of notes
  • User scripts
  • None
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