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Powerful, full-featured word processor built for the Mac

Nisus Writer Pro is a word processor that allows users to create, edit and view documents on a Mac system. It's designed to be used by professional writers and editors, but it's also suitable for students and journalists. The app has various features, including a word count, autosaving, automatic spell checker, and many more.

Users can also share documents via email or export them to other formats. The app includes support for Apple's Dark Mode and iCould. Nisus Writer Pro is available in multiple languages and is compatible with macOS Big Sur and Monterey.

What is the interface?

The app offers a distraction-free writing environment with a dark mode that helps you focus on your work. The interface comes with a split view feature that lets you simultaneously work on two or more parts of your document. The style sheet system makes it easy to create or modify new styles. The app is multilingual, so that you can write in nearly any language.


You can collaborate with other users, add comments and track changes in threaded conversations, or record tracked changes while editing and formatting text. Annotations and comments are one of the most valuable features of Nisus Writer Pro. You can add them to any document or while you're in the middle of writing. Another critical feature is compatibility with Microsoft Word files and PDFs export capability. The Nisus Writer Pro native document file format - RTF - is compatible with many other applications.

Customize it to your needs

Nisus Writer Pro has various customization features that will make you feel you are entirely in control of your writing experience. From adding any command to the toolbar to assigning keyboard shortcuts for all menu commands, you can make this the writing tool that works best for you.

Useful tools

The Nisus Writer Pro has advanced features that help you finish your writing quickly and efficiently. Below are just some of the many features it offers:

  • You can find and replace text across your entire document or a selected range.

  • The app helps you to search for text patterns and use regex to find multiple words at once (for example, "dog" will match "dogs," "doggie," "puppy dog tails," etc., but not "cat.").

  • Nisus Writer Pro lets you add notes at the bottom of each page or chapter to keep your readers engaged throughout your documents. Footnotes appear at the bottom of each page where they were inserted; endnotes are collected at the end of your document.

  • Nisus Writer Pro supports cross-references and hyperlinks within documents and allows you to jump between different sections based on their links quickly.

  • You can generate a document Table of Contents (TOC) and indexing. You can also create bibliography management with Bookends integration — that means no more dealing with multiple applications.

  • Drawing tools are built into the app and allow you to create shapes, text boxes, and other objects. The text wrap tool, for example, will automatically wrap text around any object you create.

  • Automation is also built into Nisus Writer Pro: you can use macros to automate repetitive tasks such as inserting page numbers or date headers at the top of each page.


Nisus Writer Pro is a powerful, full-featured word processor that can handle just about any writing task you throw at it. The tools and features built into the app can help you create any document you need — including a book.

  • Built for the Mac
  • Intuitive interface
  • Dark mode
  • iCoud and Dropbox supporting
  • Syncing
  • PDF export
  • Customizable
  • Free trial
  • Paid
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