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A quality and easy-to-use IDE

Any game or application you run consists of text (or true/false signals at the lowest level) outputting information to the device through various compilers and interpreters. This text is called program code. It can be written in any text editor, but it isn't straightforward because it won't highlight the syntax or give hints. That's why there are IDEs to facilitate the work of programmers. The most popular program in this category is Microsoft Visual Studio. It is a multiplatform application, so there is a version for Mac devices. We will tell you about it.

What is this program?

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE). Microsoft Visual Studio has a set of tools, cloud services, and extensions needed to create applications and games. The program helps you edit, debug, develop code, and then publish the application. It includes compilers, autocompletion tools, visual layout editors, and many other features making software development easier.

Program features

Microsoft Visual Studio has the following features:

  • IntelliSense. Microsoft's autocompleted technology. It completes the name of the function when you enter the initial letters. Besides its direct purpose, IntelliSense is used for accessing documentation and for eliminating ambiguities in terms of variables, processes, and methods by using reflection;

  • Code Analyzer. Functionality for finding bugs in your code. Combined with IntelliSense, all errors, notifications, and possible bugs are highlighted. All this information is also shown in the Error List window;

  • Performance Analyzer. A tool showing the number of resources spent by the application/service in the form of statistics and graphs;

  • Test Manager. A built-in test manager. After a test is created, you can use a unique window to launch and configure tests;

  • Extension/Updates Manager. A manager of plugins, adapters, and providers. It makes it easy to find, install, and update any extension;

  • Nuget. A package management system for Microsoft development platforms, primarily the .NET Framework libraries. Managed by the .NET Foundation. Easy to install libraries into any .Net project;

  • Git Manager. A built-in version control manager. It contains all the necessary functions for working with git without queries;

  • Archiver. After the project is ready, you need to create an executable file. Archivers are implemented for each technology. It isn't necessary to install separate software to make an installer;

  • File Manager. There is a built-in file manager to add a new file to the project - conveniently creating any files using templates. Many standard templates are available, and you can also add your own. When new technology is installed, appropriate templates are added;

  • Views. Many different tabs for displaying various helpful information, like the "GOTO" list or displaying object data in Debug mode;

  • Customization. You can change the appearance of Visual Studio as you wish. Changing colors, themes, fonts, indents, etc. Organizing windows the way you want;

  • Setting. Setting up all of the functionality as mentioned above. Setting up keyboard shortcuts, notifications, rapid launch, startup windows, tabs, language markup, and much more.

Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac is considered one of the best development environments because of numerous customizations, supported technologies, speed, and usability.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced functionality
  • Community edition is freely available to download and utilize
  • Find files even faster
  • Limited features and power in the Community edition
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