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A powerful and high-quality trade platform

MetaTrader 5 is the most advanced version of the MetaTrader platform, available for macOS devices. This version gives traders more opportunities in comparison to МТ4. Before upgrading to terminal version 5, you should learn its basic functionality and understand the difference from the previous version. We will help you with that.


The interface of MetaTrader 5 for Mac is highly customizable. Frequently used tools can be displayed in the Quick Access Toolbar, and unnecessary menus can be deleted. The interface of the program consists of the following elements:

  • The "Market/Navigator" windows are located on the left. In the first one, there is a list of all instruments available for trading (depending on the broker) and their specifications. You can also make deals in one click (the "Trading" section). In the Navigator, there is a list of indicators and other instruments, a link to the Market, signals, and VPS. You can also use the Navigator to switch between accounts;

  • In the upper part, there are the main menus and the toolbar. Through this panel, you can change the type of charts, time frames, and the most popular tools for chart analysis;

  • The chart occupies the central part of the workspace;

  • The "Toolbox" window is located below the chart. It contains information on the trader's account and open deals. It is also possible to track the news and incoming correspondence here.

The arrangement of the primary elements is the same as in МТ4. This facilitates switching to an updated version of the software. Navigation and the principle of work with MetaTrader do not change when switching to the latest version.

Main menus

In the upper part of the terminal, there are main menus, and each of them is described below:

  • The ability to create templates is one of the most valuable features. A template is a file with a tpl extension that stores all information about the chart appearance and indicators or scripts added to it. You can specify the necessary settings once, create a template, and then apply it to new assets to save time;

  • Service. The "New Order" item opens a window for setting transition and trading order parameters. You can use this menu to go to market, service of signals, and the task manager or to open a window with the general options;

  • Window. You can choose the resolution, and the style of windows displayed, such as cascade, horizontally, vertically, or in mosaic;

  • Help. There is access to all the help materials and a link to the video terminals on working in the terminal. You can also find out the current version of the software and check for the latest updates.

Some of the most popular menu items are duplicated by buttons located in the area above the chart. You can enable/disable auto-trading, go to the market, and open the complete list of available assets.

Working with charts

Choosing a suitable color scheme is better to make your work more comfortable. To go to the settings, press F8 or Charts — Properties. In the window with the settings, there are the following tabs:

  • The "General" tab is responsible for the basic settings;

  • The "Show" tab configures the information displayed in the working window. You can activate the display of the actual or tick grid and Ask prices (only the Bid price is displayed by default). In the upper left corner of the window with the chart, there are buttons for one-click operation. They can also be disabled through the "Show" button;

  • In the "Colors" section, you can choose a ready-made color scheme or set all colors manually.

Working with indicators and graphical analysis tools

Technically, making a deal is the most straightforward task. The trader just needs to set the parameters and choose the trading direction. The main difficulty lies in selecting the entry point.

MetaTrader 5 for Mac provides traders with dozens of preinstalled indicators and many graphical analysis tools. Traders can also independently install any tools written in MQL5.

  • A clear and easy-to-use online trading platform
  • All charts and information will be updated in a real-time scenario
  • MetaTrader 5 might not be the best for novice investors
  • Access to all features will require a purchase

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