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A simple and powerful program

Lunacy is a vector-based graphics editor created primarily to design mobile applications and website interfaces. The program supports working with .sketch files, can generate CSS and XAML code, and allows users to export projects and individual elements into PNG and SVG. This software is available for macOS devices.

What is this program?

Lunacy is a graphic editor for Mac, designed for prototyping and creating layouts of web pages, icons, interface elements, advertising banners, and other graphical objects. It includes many built-in icons, stock photos, and further details. The program works with both vector and raster graphics.

Interface and primary features

The workspace (Artboard) in Lunacy is placed on an unlimited canvas. You can select the size of the Artboard and place multiple Artboards on a single canvas. It is possible to draw illustrations using built-in tools and add ready-made objects, such as icons, stock images, interface objects, etc., from the library to the workspace.

You can save the layout or a separate element in SKETCH, SVG, PNG, JPEG, and many other formats.

The program also supports collaborative working on projects with up to 100 participants. You can see the actions of other participants and write comments to them.

Other features of Lunacy for Mac include:

  • Improving photo resizing;

  • Removing backgrounds from images;

  • A face generator (helpful in creating avatars);

  • Working with layers;

  • Adding text, and much more.

Advantages of similar programs

Lunacy for Mac is easy to master and use and can be controlled using key combinations corresponding to Sketch. When working on interfaces, Lunacy allows you to use symbols and masks, combine objects in groups, and set unique style properties for each of them. Interesting features of this tool include a feature that makes it easy to insert user avatars into a concept.

Lunacy has a toolkit for designing page layouts, business cards, booklets, magazines, and other printed products of any complexity. Artificial intelligence, offline mode, and free usage are the primary advantages of Lunacy over other services. Even if you need to import your design into one of the editors, Lunacy will save your project in Sketch format.

The program from Icons8 has the largest database of ready-made icons, photos, components, illustrations, and PNG images with transparent backgrounds. These elements will help you in creating your project. Moreover, there are unique UI sets that UI designers can use for free in any work.

It is worth noting that Lunacy also supports collaborative work on projects. You can collaborate with close friends or colleagues to create a more elaborate and versatile graphic layout for a future website or magazine.

The program has the following features and benefits:

  • Cross-platform;

  • It does not require the purchase of a license;

  • An integrated collection of images, illustrations, icons, vectors, and UI graphics;

  • Tools for working with text and its design;

  • Support for exporting in .Sketch extension;

  • Full compatibility with Figma and other services/products;

  • Collaboration on projects is included;

  • A convenient avatar and text generator;

  • A tool for removing the background of images, and much more.

Advanced functionality

Lunacy gives you more than just an SVG viewer. You can edit and arrange montage areas, add text, draw lines, ellipses, rectangles, stars, and shapes, insert external images, create avatars and montage areas, apply blend modes, and much more. You can export files in PNG, JPEG, SVG, SVGZ, GIF, or JPG formats and copy/paste object properties, such as size, location, text, etc.

Lunacy for Mac has the following functions:

  • Integration with Icons8 icons, illustrations, and photos;

  • Editing several text blocks;

  • Searching through the structure of a document;

  • Turning on and off effects;

  • Saving window position and state;

  • Reading any sketch file;

  • Automatic downloading of missing Google Fonts;

  • Saving sketch files;

  • Inspecting elements of a sketch file;

  • Viewing the distance between elements;

  • Organizing pages and Artboards in the document;

  • Drawing, merging, and aligning vector objects is available;

  • Exporting assets into png and svg;

  • Export of CSS and XAML code;

  • Several languages are available;

  • GPU rendering for speed;

  • Presentation mode;

  • The ability to set a workspace color;

  • Autosaving a project.

The ability to preview the original SVG file in the preview area is a unique feature of Lunacy. You can scale, resize, or rotate the image by clicking the object in the preview area.

Who should install this software?

Lunacy for Mac is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that lets you effortlessly open, edit, and store SKETCH files. The program is suitable for development teams, allowing them to work on different platforms and speeding up the transition from design to development. The program can be used offline.

Icons8 Lunacy supports all versions of .sketch files. The program also automatically downloads missing Google Fonts. Moreover, you can publish your estimate directly to the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Sketch files can also be saved on your local disk.

Using Lunacy, you can open and check .sketch files. The utility displays spacings and margins between elements and allows you to organize montage areas and pages into your documents. The program combines an essential typographic tool and a tool for mixing, drawing and aligning vector objects in just a few mouse clicks. Assets can be exported into SVG and PNG formats. Moreover, the application also allows you to export XAML and CSS code.


Lunacy is a powerful tool for vector design with all the features of Sketch, including reading and saving files. It is worth noting that Lunacy allows you to work offline, supports cloud sharing, and code exporting, and components have a dark mode, will enable you to remove AI-based image backgrounds, and much more.

Lunacy is a free graphics editor with no restrictions for commercial or personal use, no ads, and no personal data collection.

  • The ability to view your Sketch files without fuss or customizing
  • The free version gives you an excellent idea of what to expect from the software
  • Not every sketch file is reproduced perfectly
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