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Call your friends for free on any mobile device or PC

What is Line?

Line (stylized as LINE) is a free instant messaging application. It is used on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Line users can exchange texts, images, video, and audio and have free VoIP calls and video conferences. The service is operated by Line Corporation, the Japanese division of South Korean Internet search giant Naver Corporation.

The Line was launched in Japan in 2011. The 100 million user mark was reached in 18 months, and 200 million users only six months after that. The Line became the most significant Japanese social network in 2013. In October 2014, Line announced that it had 560 million users worldwide with 170 million active user accounts. In February 2015, the company announced it had reached the 600 million user mark and expected to reach 700 million users by the end of the year. Line is the most popular messenger in Japan. It is also popular in Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkmenistan.

More information

Line was initially developed as a mobile application for smartphones with Android and iOS systems. Subsequently, the application was expanded to BlackBerry OS (August 2012), Nokia Asha (Asia and Oceania, March 2013), Windows Phone (July 2013), Firefox OS (January 2014), iOS tablets (October 2014), and as a Chrome browser application (on the Chrome Web Store). The application also exists in versions for laptops and desktops, using Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms. Line was available as a website (non-browser-app) for some time, but the website version is no longer supported.


Line is an application that works on many platforms, including Windows and macOS. The application has a message box, which allows users to read and reply to messages, facilitating communication between users. The application also can synchronize the address book. It also can add friends through the use of QR codes, line id, and if you shake the smartphones at the same time.

The user can see confirmation of sent and received messages or use confidential conversations. The application also provides an opportunity to make free audio and video calls. Users can communicate and share content in groups of up to 500 people. Conversations also feature message boards where users can post, like, and comment. The application also has a homepage where users can post images, texts, or stickers.

Is LINE worth using on Mac?

The call quality using LINE for Mac is pretty good, although it will depend on your Internet connection and 3G network. LINE for Mac is also packed with emoticons (with the option to purchase more sophisticated "stickers") to make messaging more fun. This last feature is trendy in Japan and has helped make it one of the most successful apps on the market.

The developers claim that in the seven months since its release in Japan, LINE for Mac has gained over 100 million users, which is quite impressive. So far, many iPhone and Android users have resorted to using WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family, but unlike LINE for Mac, WhatsApp has never been released for PC or Mac. If you are a Mac user with friends using PCs and various mobile devices, LINE for Mac is worth a try.

  • More flexible than FaceTime
  • Call for free on any mobile device or PC
  • Supports short audio and video messages
  • Too many useless emoticons
  • No video calls yet
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