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The benchmark for MOBA games

League of Legends for Mac is a MOBA game and a cyber sports discipline. Its gameplay is represented by short sessions lasting from 15 to 60 minutes. All players start with a starting level and a certain amount of resources. The user's account is called the summoner. It is necessary to choose your champion and increase their characteristics with special runes and additional skills. We will tell you more about this game.


League of Legends is a strategy game belonging to the MOBA subgenre (it is also one of its predecessors). The product is released on the F2P model and is one of the most popular games worldwide, regularly dominating the list of the most profitable free-to-play games for computers. Riot Games is responsible for its development and release.

The action of League of Legends takes place in a classic fantasy world called Valoran. For many years the country has been at war, being more and more destroyed. So one day, the warring countries decided to solve their conflicts in a different way. The representatives of the nations form a titular League of Legends, create teams, and fight in prepared areas. Now all international disputes are solved with minimal bloodshed.


League of Legends has a three-dimensional graphic design. The developers used a simplified artistic style to evoke associations with animated movies. Due to this, it is easy to see what is happening on the screen. Despite its simplicity, the designs of individual characters look interesting. Great animations of special attacks also make a good impression.


The gameplay begins with choosing a character to control in this battle. The list of characters is pervasive, and each has unique skills. Then you enter an enclosed arena where you and a few more people battle with the enemy team. League of Legends gameplay combines elements of strategy games and action games. The primary task of players is to stop minions and defend their buildings when attacking enemy territory. But you have to be careful because towers cause damage to heroes. Destroying a structure allows you to move the front, bringing you closer to victory (the destruction of the enemy base). It's worth noting that the death of a character does not end the game: after a while, you will be reborn at the starting point.

While playing, you develop your hero, who acquires new special skills (they require a particular resource called mana) and finally gets access to the powerful Ultimate attack. Before the start of the match, you can adjust the set of available options and choose runes and specializations affecting the character's stats. It would be best if you also collected gold to buy items giving you an advantage in combat. One of the best ways to accumulate wealth is to kill monsters unrelated to any team on the map, as they are outside the main lines in the so-called jungle. You also get a lot of gold for defeating an enemy character.


League of Legends is a legendary MOBA-style game beloved by many players worldwide. You have to play in a 5 to 5 format and develop your character, protect the line, and demolish the enemy's main building, but you need many skills and efforts to do this. You can show everyone how elegant, clever, and brave you are in League of Legends. All these qualities are highly valued among gamers, especially on the professional scene. Get together with your friends to hone your skills in a real battle, or try endless combinations in practice mode. Whether you are a newcomer or a new player, League of Legends always welcomes new visitors.

  • Free to play
  • Massive player database
  • Regular updates and news
  • Detailed fantasy lore
  • Loads of in-game content
  • Steep learning curve
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