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JAlbum is a free program to automatically create photo albums and web galleries to publish on the Internet. JAlbum has full support for the Drag&Drop function. You just need to drag and drop the folder with the photos to add images to the album.

The program creates a gallery with thumbnails for previewing. It is also possible to create a slideshow. Support for changing styles allows you to create albums with an unlimited choice of design. There is a possibility to add logos, watermarks, comments, and information from EXIF metadata of images, such as time, date, shooting conditions, etc. The program is multiplatform and has a version for macOS.

What is this program?

JAlbum for Mac is a free program to create web galleries and photo albums automatically. It is straightforward, so even inexperienced users can drag and drop a folder with pictures into the JAlbum window. The program generates a gallery with thumbnails of images or creates a slideshow version if necessary.

In addition to the automatic mode, there is a manual mode where the user has complete control over the project. In this mode, you can use and adjust the filters available in the program for images, customize styles, use IPTC/EXIF data, etc.

Primary features

  • Works on many systems: since JAlbum uses Java, the program runs on any operating system with support for this technology, such as Windows (all versions), Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OS2, etc.;

  • Supports 32 languages;

  • Unlimited features for customizing skins with the ability to preview them. 13 skins are built into the program, and other 120 skins are available for downloading from the official website;

  • The ability to add images by dragging and dropping them;

  • The ability to add comments;

  • Support for IPTC and EXIF;

  • The ability to apply built-in filters, such as tints, Border, Grayscale, Watermark, Fixed shape, Logotype, Text, Blur, Sharpen, Zoom, etc., to images;

  • Support for various types of files (images, audio and video files, and multiple documents), such as avi, mpg, mpeg, mpe, mp4, mov, wmv, asf, asx, wvx, 3gp, divx, xvid, qt, mp3, wma, ram, rm, swf, flv, tiff, psd, zip, arj, sit, rar, xml, pdf, doc, xls, ppt, mdb, djvu, djv, odt, ods, odp, odg, and odb.

  • JAlbum has a built-in web server and allows you to publish a finished album on the network, including posting to free hosting sites;

  • Easy and convenient album management in the program;

  • Adding a date into an album;

  • Create your own skins, including using BeanShell scripting or Java to create more complex functions.

What's great about this program?

This powerful program allows you to create full-fledged web galleries. Now it is possible to create a professional gallery using images and quickly publish it on the Internet.

The program has flexible settings so you can adjust the appearance of your web album or choose from ready-made templates and edit it as you wish. When you add images, you can add logos called watermarks to them. You can also leave comments that are automatically taken from the EXIF data.

JAlbum for Mac can rotate the images you add at a chosen angle and add links to them. These links open third-party files not related to the pictures. All the web galleries you've created are displayed correctly in different browsers, so you can save the images to your computer when you view them. JAlbum has its own server, so it is easy to share a gallery with your family and friends after creating it. On the official developer's site, you can download additional skins for albums and see how many photos are stored on the company's servers.

  • Good set of editing tools
  • Lots of album styles
  • Easy to use
  • Various uploading/viewing options
  • Not many sharing options
  • Can feel a little complicated
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