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A tool to easily manage your Huawei devices

Huawei HiSuite is a free full-featured device manager for Huawei users, developed by Huawei Technologies. Its primary purpose is to help users manage all the files on their smartphones. Thanks to this utility, you can manage data, send messages, install APK apps, view media, and restore a backup without too much effort.

What is HiSuite used for?

Huawei HiSuite is a unique utility created for Huawei tablets and smartphones, which can perform a wide array of functions. The app will be an excellent solution if you need to:

  • Recover and restore the system. You can quickly restore your phone to its factory settings, thanks to HiSuite.

  • Create a backup. This option allows users to make a copy of the data and save it on Mac.

  • Sync mobile contacts. You can upload the phone contacts to your Mac. Furthermore, you can quickly add or remove them.

  • Edit smartphone theme. With this feature, users can customize the appearance of their smartphones.

  • View or show your photos and videos. You can browse all your media through the file manager and start a slideshow.

  • Download and manage applications on your smartphone. This function allows users to view a complete list of applications installed on their phones and uninstall these apps within a few minutes.


A vast number of users admit that Huawei HiSuite has an easy-to-use and beginner-friendly interface. All the functions are shown in the main window, so you will easily find everything you need. Besides, an indicator indicates whether or not your phone is connected to the app.

How to connect a Huawei smartphone to Mac?

Huawei HiSuite supports both USB and WiFi transfer capabilities. USB transfer has a better speed, while WiFi transfer can boast an encryption feature. The app will start transferring your data once you give the required permission.

Should I download Huawei HiSuite?

HiSuite will be an excellent choice for various smartphone management tasks if you own a Huawei Android device. With this utility, you can manage the speed and efficiency of your smartphone by using your Mac without too much effort. What is essential, HiSuite is available on any Huawei smartphone so that you can use it both on the older and newer models.

  • Fun and Stylish Interface
  • Easy Installation
  • Offers A Lot of Features
  • Works with Any Huawei Smartphone
  • Setting Up Takes Time
  • Has Synchronization Issues
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