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The benchmark of FPS

Halo: Combat Evolved for Mac is the game that started Microsoft's famous and beloved franchise and launched the first Xbox. It redefined the first-person shooters (FPS) genre for consoles and popularized many controls and features that such games have used for a long time.

In 2011, Halo received an improved remake (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary) with updated graphics and a switching feature, allowing you to switch between classic and remastered visual styles. The Anniversary Edition has now been updated with 4K graphics, support for ultra-wide monitors, and other features specific to modern Mac games. We will tell you more about this game.


After a grand exploration, when your spaceship crashed and landed in an alien ringworld, you, as Master Chief, have to fight through the Covenant forces to save your sea-mates and solve the mystery of the existence of this world. Halo has a limited list of enemies, so combat becomes visually repetitive as the campaign progresses. Nevertheless, the shooter has excellent pacing, challenge, and storytelling to keep the battle engaging for a long time.

Combat vehicles

In addition to the powerful naval and alien weapons used in battles, Halo often gives you vehicles to pilot, changing the dynamics of combat. For example, the legendary Warthog, a turret-mounted armored jeep, can move over a wide range of terrain and even inside many structures. This gives you a massive advantage over grounded Covenant infantrymen, especially if you have a marine operating a turret. Throughout the story campaign, you encounter various other Covenant and naval vehicles, including high-speed hovering alien motorcycles and powerful missile tanks.


The alien races of the Covenant, the main enemies of Halo, appear as a few basic enemy types. As the story progresses, more difficult variants appear in the game. Some more unexpected enemies join the battles in the later chapters of the game, but the variety of enemies is relatively tiny.

The Covenant becomes more aggressive when you start a titular Halo, and the difficulty only increases. Enemy forces are endowed with personality, so even the easiest opponents can take over, run, or outflank you if you let them. For example, infantrymen are aggressive and prone to panic and running away. However, they can tear you to shreds and throw grenades when you change the situation against them. Elites reflect the abilities of Master Chief as they can protect themselves from damage, use cover, and dodge shots. They also use taunts in the middle of combat to hurt your ego.

Covenant weapons have a significant impact on the way you approach alien forces. Ordinary enemies firing plasma are dangerous, but their shots are direct and easy to dodge. Anything armed with a needle, a firearm for shooting at crystals with limited homing abilities, is more lethal and should usually be a priority target. Elites can also be armed with plasma swords that instantly drop you if their strike lands. Missions mix these enemies in almost every fight, affecting how you approach each battle.

Game features

Despite the slight lag at the beginning of the game, you'll have a great experience with Halo. The game has low system requirements so that it can run efficiently even on a weak Mac.

You can play with your keyboard and mouse, which are as intuitive and natural as a controller. It is possible to earn achievements and collectible cards for trading in the game.

Anniversary Edition

In Anniversary, you can switch between the original Halo graphics and the updated 4K graphics by pressing the Tab key. The Remastered graphics are much brighter than the Classic visuals, as they have new lighting and textures. However, the original game's feel is lost because of the updated visual effects, especially the interiors that look much more sterile and versatile. No rough alien edges and unusual characters made the original version great. However, both versions are included. The game also supports extra-wide game monitors.


Halo: Combat Evolved for Mac is an excellent game that feels as dynamic and accessible today as before. If you want to spend a couple of evenings having great fun, check out this game and its updated version (especially if you don't have a tolerance for the graphics of older games).

  • Classic game
  • Fun multiplayer options
  • Some great-looking visuals
  • Incredible music
  • An excellent intro to the series for new fans
  • Nostalgic gameplay for long-time fans
  • Inevitably dated
  • Frame rate and texture issues
  • Mission design and level structure lack variety

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