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A powerful tool for processing and analyzing data

FME Desktop is a data conversion and integration software that allows users to quickly convert, share and validate their data. It supports various file formats such as CAD, XML, GIS, and many more. The application also provides users with data quality assurance tools for validating their data as well as convenient ways to share it with FME Server or FME Cloud.

Data types

FME Desktop can convert and process a large variety of data and file formats:

  • 3D: With FME, you can reconcile your data to help create a complete extensive data system, as well as validate, simplify, and transform your data exactly the way you want to.

  • Big data: FME can help you to process big data sets in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Business intelligence: You can build data warehouses and marts and create reports and dashboards with a few clicks. FME is the perfect tool to manage your entire BI process from start to finish.

  • CAD: The app can help you integrate your CAD data into your enterprise system to make better decisions about your company's future.

  • GIS: You can create and manage geospatial data efficiently while allowing your organization to perform complex analyses and visualizations.

  • Markup languages: As an extension of FME, you can create and edit data in markup and scripting languages. This allows you to perform complex data analysis while maintaining an open architecture that allows you to extend FME with custom solutions.

  • Web services: FME Desktop enables you to quickly and efficiently connect your data to cloud services, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. FME integrates with these platforms by using web services APIs, which enable you to extend the capabilities of your existing applications without requiring any programming skills.

Key Features

FME Desktop is a powerful data integration, analysis, and visualization tool. The software includes some tools that address the following functions:

  • Importing data from various formats, including files, databases, and spreadsheets.

  • Data transformation, including the ability to join, split, filter, and aggregate data.

  • Build an extensive library of custom transformation rules that you can reuse anytime.

  • Data analysis tools for statistical functions, such as regression and clustering, enable you to cleanse, filter, and aggregate your data before importing it into FME.

  • Integrating data from on-premises software with FME Server.

  • Working with geospatial data, including maps, points, lines, polygons, and 3D models.

  • Visualizing data on a map or as a chart, including the ability to modify individual data items and create new fields based on existing ones.

  • Using FME's web services APIs to connect your applications to cloud computing platforms.


FME is a powerful tool for managing your data. It has various features make it easy to import and export data from many different sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and other applications. FME also offers many tools for visualizing your data, including maps and charts.

  • Integration
  • Multiple file and data formats support
  • FME Engine
  • Reporting
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Free period
  • Paid
  • Requires prior experience in data analysis
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