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A convenient email client with many functions

Eudora for Mac is a popular mailbox client named after a famous English writer. It allows the organization of several email accounts and offers basic tools for operating with the most widespread email protocols, including POP3/SMTP and IMAP. The easy-in-use interface helps it win the love of millions of fans that prefer convenience and simplicity.

Brief description of a program’s main features

Eudora has several tools for filtering and sorting incoming and outgoing email messages. Filters can be implemented both manually and automatically. You can create complex rules consisting of several conditions. Besides, you can assign multiple actions to each filter and move messages to other folders, changing the priority, labels, and notification sounds. Moreover, users can create automatic replies and forward messages to other recipients. All information about the use of the filters is recorded in a report log, which can be viewed from a single settings window.

Particular incoming messages may be difficult to read due to the inability to change the encoding of the text view since automatic detection mode does not always work correctly. However, support for connecting additional modules often comes to the rescue. This Mac-based application allows you to analyze the text and offer the appropriate encoding. Users can also change it manually. They choose between KOI8, CP1251, and UTF8. In addition, this program allows you to correct the headers of messages that have Quoted-printable encoding.

Email security features

The function of blocking emails with advertising content is based on a built-in complex algorithm. The principle of its work is to analyze the content of incoming correspondence and assign it a rating of suspicion. You can adjust the aggressiveness of the filter by changing the limit value of such a rating. Search results can be saved as virtual folders. The program indexes the mail database, ensuring high search speed despite many messages. This application allows you to analyze their emotional coloring when creating notes in English. The Moodwatch function analyzes the text typed by the user and if it encounters words and individual combinations of characters characteristic of swear terms unacceptable in business correspondence.

If politeness violations are detected, the color of an icon changes to red. At the same time, the number of vertical stripes inside the icon may vary from one to three, which reflects the degree of obscenity and the harmful nature of the message.

HTML messages, by default, are viewed using Internet Explorer components. At the same time, in the program settings, you can specify a separate set of options that apply only to the work of the mail client. Users also can change the default fonts.

Should I download Eudora for Mac?

If you are a persistent fan of Mac OS and like old-fashioned email clients, Eudora for Mac has everything you need. Simple interface, moveable windows, and filtering functions - all these things will make you feel delighted.

Eudora offers a tool for collecting statistics on all mail transactions. You can display email client usage with activity charts and view information about the number of emails received and sent for a certain period. In addition, the calculation of the average number of emails processed is available.

  • Robust security algorithms
  • Wide structure of mail filters
  • Quick processing of bulk amounts of messages
  • Problems with encoding
  • RSS feed is not supported
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