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More than a visual novel

There are works in popular culture attracting gamers with their greatness, regardless of their genres. The best example of such works is the Doki Doki Literature Club visual novel for Mac. It can be played on almost all devices and operating systems. If you are not fond of anime drawings and visual novels as a genre, you should pass this game because its fascination is not the same. And we will tell you more about it.


Doki Doki Literature Club for Mac starts innocuously enough. Your slightly hyperactive childhood friend persuades you to join a literary club, where you get acquainted with all its members. At first glance, all of them are a compilation of archetypes of well-known works of Japanese culture. At the acquaintance stage, you can choose the girl you like and get closer to her due to different answers in the dialogues and other actions we will discuss later. That's how you will spend time in your new club. But then one event happens and turns the entire plot upside down and can even shock unprepared players.

And that's one of the charms of this game: you won't be ready for this turn of events if you haven't played the game before or haven't caught a spoiler (and it's relatively easy to do, so we don't recommend you to look for the additional information about the game, it's better to pass it by yourself). And there are lots of such turns.


The gameplay of Doki Doki Literature Club for Mac is not much different from gameplays of other visual novels. It can be divided into three parts:

  • Choices in dialogues. It is classic visual novel gameplay where you have to answer questions or choose actions. Other characters' attitudes towards you will change and lead to one or another consequence, depending on your choices.

  • Writing "poems." After each day spent in the literary club, you must write peculiar verses. They are a set of words associated with the character's personalities or with their psychological traumas in one way or another. The next day you show your poem to other members of the club, and the more words from the list are associated with a specific character's traits, the more "relationship points" you earn.

  • A horror quest is available in the second part of the game. You must think outside the box and take hints to reach the true ending.

Of course, all this occurs before those mentioned above are "fatal events." After that, the gameplay will be completely different. But we won't spoil the storyline to keep the intrigue.

A psychological horror as it should be

If you look at the official description of Doki Doki Literature Club for Mac and screenshots, it may seem that the "Psychological Horror" label was put by mistake. Besides, at the beginning of the game, you can see the warning that it is not for faint-hearted gamers. But there is no mistake: it is an excellent psychological horror, scaring you not with terrible creatures suddenly popping out from around the corner but with the atmosphere of boundless craziness, strangeness, and unreality of events. Even despite all of this, the game carries a rather kind message. If you want to get emotions you won't forget, you need to download this game.

The reasons to play this game

Doki Doki Literature Club has become a kind of classic, loved even by those who have never played visual novels before and have known nothing about this genre. It has earned its popularity through the following aspects:

  • Interesting heroines, who seem to be typical anime archetypes at first glance, but in fact, their personalities and stories are much more profound;

  • Delightful musical accompaniment, especially when it comes to the second part of the game and the actual ending;

  • The game will force you to go beyond your usual gaming mindset, as it presents unique quest-solving mechanics;

  • If you're tired of tawdry horrors, scaring you with anything but screamers, this game will let you remember what it means to be scared;

  • Just Monika.

  • An unusual concept
  • Creepy atmosphere in a good way
  • Good soundtrack
  • Emotional ending
  • Some puzzles are hard to solve without hints
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