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A free and easy-to-use file cleaner

Finding well-thought-out and reliable projects among various programs for cleaning and optimizing your operating system is challenging. However, it is possible. The CCleaner program is one of the most high-quality and reliable solutions for optimizing your system. This software is available for macOS-based devices.

What is this program?

CCleaner for Mac is one of the best tool sets for optimizing the operating system and cleaning it of trash. Due to this program, your computer starts working more rapidly and stably, and its performance is at the highest level.

What is this program used for?

Over time, the operating system fills up with trash files. It leads to system and application failures and a significant decrease in Mac performance and free disk space. It is a difficult task, even for experienced users, to bring the operating system back to a stable operation state with the help of standard tools. Therefore, it is best to use special programs for cleaning your Mac to solve this problem much faster and more efficiently.

CCleaner is considered the best program for optimizing operating systems. Its minimalistic interface and extensive toolset have made it extremely popular among many users. The utility is in demand as an effective system recovery tool. It is also suitable for preventing possible problems.


The program interface is minimalistic and user-friendly. All the necessary actions to optimize your system can be done with a few clicks. Due to CCleaner's intuitive interface, even the most inexperienced and novice Mac users can master the program. All the main parameters of the Smart Scanner are set to have minimal impact on the system during the cleaning process. It allows you to start using the program without learning technical details or fearing making mistakes.

Program features

CCleaner can deeply scan the system, finding and removing old, unnecessary, unused, and residual files in browsers and applications, and system updates. It supports working with all popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari, where Cleaner cleans temporary files, history of visits and downloads, cookies, autocompletion of registration forms, etc.

System cleaning

Cleaning the system from the temporary files can be recognized as the essential function of CCleaner for Mac. Due to the various settings available for this option, users can set the necessary scanning parameters for each supported application and system file search.

Working with the registry

The registry monitoring tool is located in a separate section. CCleaner checks each registry entry for its correspondence to applications and services and offers to delete broken or empty entries in case of missing links. CCleaner will find missing DLLs, invalid file extensions, and ActiveX errors in the registry, organize the Start menu, work through OS services, verify application paths, and much more.

At the same time, the program offers to make a registry backup before deletion in case something goes wrong or you don't like the result. Cleaning the registry and various trash on your PC allows you to get extra space on your hard drives, and the system starts up faster and becomes more efficient.

Updating drivers

Driver updates ensure the smooth operation of all Mac components with the highest possible performance. That's why the developers have added the ability to update the drivers to the program automatically. The Driver Updater service database has various drivers, including updates for rare and old devices that have passed authenticity and security checks. This feature is handy because many users have recently downloaded special driver update programs to avoid wasting time searching for the right software on various web resources.

Moreover, CCleaner developers have added another vital option to disable or suspend unnecessary resource-intensive system services and applications running in the background. This feature increases the overall performance of your computer and saves battery life on your laptop.

Additional tools

In addition to the features mentioned above, CCleaner has an entire set of additional tools that may be useful when configuring and optimizing your system. The corresponding "Tools" section has the following services:

  • Software Uninstaller: a function for complete and correct uninstallation of software, including all possible "tails." It is a suitable replacement for the built-in "Programs and components" service and various third-party uninstallers;

  • Software Updater: a helpful feature for updating installed applications;

  • Autorun: an OS autorun editor to remove or disable unnecessary system services and applications on system startup;

  • Browser Extensions: a plug-in editor to disable or remove add-ons installed in web browsers;

  • Disk Analysis: a useful tool to scan your disk, determine the size of unnecessary files, and remove them;

  • Search for duplicates: an excellent tool for cleaning the archive from identical files, filtered by size, name, content, and other parameters;

  • Disk Wipe: a tool for deleting sensitive information with fine-tuned overwriting methods and for complete or partial data erasing;

  • System Restore: a feature for creating checkpoints to return the OS to the working state.


CCleaner for Mac pleasantly surprises with its versatile functionality. The application runs well on modern and older systems. The speed of the application does not affect the quality of its tasks.

Those who want to maintain the high performance of their system throughout the entire lifespan of their computer should install CCleaner. If your computer takes a long time to load the desktop, opens applications slowly, and slows down when performing simple operations, regular cleaning and optimizing your system with CCleaner may give it a second wind and make your PC more efficient.

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Quick file removal
  • Customization options
  • Free-to-use
  • Minor privacy issues

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