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Joseph Johnson
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App for creating machine embroidery schemes and designs

BALARAD Embird Studio is used to easily create designs by using vector objects. It works by drawing vector outlines for specific things and then filling them with color. Unregistered users can only use the Embird demo for 30 days; after that period, it expires. Demo plug-ins also have other restrictions. A registered user does not have these restrictions. The following payment methods are accepted: credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Google Pay. All purchases of Embird products are made through secure payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe, which use SSL encryption. Your data is not stored during this process.

About this application

The program consists of several components. The main one is the Embird Manager - this is the program's working area. Here you can perform basic operations with schemes, view in several modes (normal, 1:1, 3D stitches, and so on), and convert schemes. From the same window, you can switch to other tools like Editor, Cloud Browser, and Cross Stitch tools. In the editor, you can edit the following:

  • the scheme;

  • highlight elements;

  • assign colors;

  • numbers;

  • stitch sequences, merge and disconnect schemes;

  • resize and relocate schemes;

  • mirror parts of schemes;

  • view in 3D or at a 1:1 scale;

  • import projects from Embird Studio, Embird Cross Stitch, and Sfumato Stitch software.


Most controls and dialogs are now automatically enlarged on high-DPI screens. Added option to select a folder in the OneDrive service to be used for cloud operations. Added option to "automatically save files to another folder." All created and edited files will be saved there. When selecting multiple files in the "Manager" and holding down the "Mask" key, a pop-up menu is displayed to allow you to convert the files to the desired format. The workspace is divided into several modules - which is very convenient. The ability to edit downloaded designs. A large number of tools for creating designs. There are tools to develop portraits - the presence of the Russified. There is a clever tutorial video on the program's official site and YouTube. Support for Amazon and Microsoft Azure.

Why download BALARAD Embird Studio to your Mac?

The creative toolkit here is good. It's comfortable and easy to use. You can edit downloaded pictures and draw designs by hand. It also has everything you need to create portrait embroideries. Many buttons may daunt the first-time user, but it's easy to understand the program. The Russified interface, detailed help, and many tutorial videos on the official website will help. There are plenty of tools to create crosses, a choice of more than 60 stitch crosses, a choice of brush colors and thicknesses, simple basic shapes, and several preview modes.

  • Ability to edit downloaded designs
  • A large number of tools for creating designs
  • There are tools to create portraits
  • Free for only 30 days

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